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    Huge thanks to ME and all the crew for an awesome weekend! Agree with the seating issues some people have mentioned, but at the end of the day, it's not really a problem, and doesn't take away from the experience at all!
  2. Seeing as I only have £25 to spend all weekend, I guess I won't be able to get this But at least I'm Silver, so I do get individual photos with everybody!
  3. elenmai


    I'm all packed and leaving for London in a few hours! Can't wait now!
  4. elenmai


    7 days! This time next week...
  5. elenmai


    14 days! So close now.
  6. Yay! Thanks Yvie! Although, to be fair, I was already excited!
  7. That's a shame, was looking forward to meeting him . Hopefully we'll get somebody else instead.
  8. I'd like that, I can't even really afford to come to the con at all, so definitely would never be able to win an auction, but could shell out for a raffle ticket.
  9. elenmai


    Maybe it depends on the type of room or something? Maybe they had more twins than singles, or something like that.
  10. elenmai


    I just called and was told there were no rooms left with the code. Not overly bothered about breakfast, luckily, so I think I'm just going to book online for the room without breakfast.
  11. elenmai


    I am, yes! And do you plan on staying until Monday or just until Sunday? Probably just until Sunday, because I can't really afford 3 nights.
  12. elenmai


    I would, but I tend to stay late at the parties, and I'm not really comfortable walking around London at 2am, even if it is nearby. Also, I probably only need a room Friday and Saturday night, as I don't think I can stay Sunday night.
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