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  1. the last time he was over in the uk was over a year ago there for a while pual could do every atlantis sanctury con and i still would not get board of seeing him he is a great guest and really funny
  2. paul is such a great guest he has not been over in a while and would be awsome to have him at chev plzzzzzz see if he can come
  3. it has to be david tennant he would be fantastic to meet
  4. sweet one of the few ppl from sg that i still need to get and need her for v now to hope there will be andromida and v pics there to buy
  5. hell yea paul is my fav guy to meet he is the best
  6. would be good to get some xf guest but not a chance in hell of getting don davis since he died last year :headscratch:
  7. its always the same with the thistle the staff treat all the con ppl like crap there is no point in complaning to them they never listen to a thing we say been the same for years did my first con there in 2004 been complaning ever since then about the same stuff every con and still not a thing has been done all they want is all the bussness ppl there with all there fancy suits i really dont know why most of the con org keep useing the place since there is so many hotels near buy that must have a hall the size we would need im sure the park inn must have fin building the one there were doing buy now would be great to go to a con at heathrow and have a nice hotel to have it in for a change
  8. yea that one good he is over in the uk for one now
  9. cool guest but he has done a con before with a bunch of the cast a few months ago
  10. we could arrange a pre party practise in the car park lol so we all do it the same lol
  11. its the left arm you pop if u go on you tube there is a vid that shows you the moves and tells you what arm s and ways to lean [its the left arm you pop if u go on you tube there is a vid that shows you the moves and tells you what arm s and ways to lean
  12. yea we always do it most we have had is 9 in a twin that was a cheap con lol
  13. well if she is scared of getting kicked out i have room on the sunday night 2 ment to be in the room and its only me that night been doing cons for 7 years and always had loads of ppl in the room and never been caught you just have to know how to do it so its not obvious there is more in the room
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