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  1. Man, I wish I could go, James is so amazing and it's worth going to the whole thing just to meet him!
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    James Marsters is to appear in an episode in the upcoming second season of Torchwood, according to his website.
  3. If anyone is debating meeting this guy... DO IT! He's hilarious, charming and absolutely gorgeous. I wish I was going to this one, I'd be back to his table like a shot! A real star.
  4. I'm a member of loads of CSI forums and I mod a CSI Nick/Greg community, so it would be pimpage ahoy on my part
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    The sesame seeds were found in the gun, in the guy's mouth, the oven mitt and the guy's trouser pocket. So it proved he'd brought the gun from home and then to the party. I'm loving season seven so far, and I urge you all not to miss this Tuesday's episode, Fannysmackin'.
  6. Oh my God! That would be amazing! I'd definitely try and fly over for that!
  7. This sounds like a great idea! Funnily enough, me and hubby were discussing the merits of such a convention during a well-deserved sit down at Collectormania 10! Best of luck with it!
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    CSI 7 opinion

    Highlight to read spoilers:
  9. Gah, I wish I was coming to this one! I met him at C7 and he was a doll. He also explained that he doesn't personalise because of breaking his hand one time (by punching the floor of a church basement!) so it's easier for him to do more signatures when he doesn't try to personalise.
  10. That great Nick/Greg/Archie scene is from 'Random acts of violence', it's one of my favourite scenes! (NICK walks through the hallway carrying a file folder. GREG leans on the door frame and calls out to him.) GREG: Hey, Stokes? NICK: Yeah? (GREG motions to him.) GREG: We got to talk. NICK: Hey, did you I.D. that scraping from my vic's head wound yet? GREG: Yeah, yeah, it's a common plastic, polyethylterephthalate -- P.E.T.-- Used in everything from garbage bags to magnetic tape to floppy disks. NICK: Okay, thanks. (NICK turns to walk away. GREG stops him.) GREG: Yeah, but that's not what I wanted to talk about. NICK: What, then? (GREG motions for NICK to come into his lab. Amused, NICK steps forward.) GREG: Look, I thought that we had a relationship. What are you doing taking Archie out into the field, instead of me? NICK: (laughs) It's the right tool for the right job, man. You have to understand the world you're investigating. Hey, Archie. ARCHIE: (lifts his head) Yeah? NICK: Hey, what's that star trek episode where the guy's got the forehead thingy, and the time portal ... ? ARCHIE: In Classic, TNG, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise? (NICK looks back at GREG.) GREG: Point taken. (GREG slips back into his lab.) CUT TO: SCENE #28: [iNT. CSI - AUDIO/VISUAL LAB -- CONTINUOUS] ARCHIE: ... Or were you thinking about Farscape? NICK: I have no idea what you are talking about. ARCHIE: It doesn't matter. Look, I got something to show you here. I found this on Anders' computer. NICK: What is this, a video game? ARCHIE: No, it's actually an FRPG: "Fantasy role-playing game." You see, players use avatars to represent themselves in a fantasy world. There's Serena, Todd, and Kwan in this alternate universe conjuring up a gateway, which summons a beast-like Anders, who decapitates Kwan. NICK: You know a lot about this stuff, don't you? ARCHIE: Mm-hmm. NICK: You got to get a girlfriend. (NICK leaves. ARCHIE turns around to look at NICK.) ARCHIE: You first.
  11. Mark is such a funny guy, I really loved him
  12. Some from me! Best. Day. Ever. [/comic book guy]
  13. The crew were amazing, thank you all! My husband and I were saying on Sunday afternoon just how great the crew were. And Stuart, it was great to talk to you in the queue for the Amber Benson photo session!
  14. I just got home from hols, I'm glad to see so many other people enjoyed Amber, she was such a sweetheart! We had a great talk about the pubs in Belfast, and then when I went up to her at the photo-shoot she went "It's Tina!!" with such a huge grin, it was so great! Then I got a BIG hug. She really made the day so special. Amber rules!
  15. I came home today to find that hubby had spent two, yes not one but TWO, of my English fivers I was not a happy bunny. ETA: He didn't spend them after all. I am now a happy bunny again!
  16. Now this is the first thing to put a smile on my face today. Nice work SM
  17. Well, since Adam was mine and he's now cancelled, I'm going to have to go with Amber.
  18. I'm gutted. Seriously, Adam being there is the main reason I was travelling over from Northern Ireland. I know that you can try and get him for another event, but this is the only event I can get to. I need to go and cry now.
  19. I think Richard is brilliant and am hoping he pulls through. A friend of mine has an ex who did security for Richard and says he's the nicest guy you could ever meet. Get well soon Richard, we love you.
  20. Only going Sunday, probably around 9am depending on buses and taxi.
  21. Being in Northern Ireland, English fivers are like gold dust over here But I've managed to get a few, hopefully it's enough.
  22. That's a shame, I was hoping to find you and say hi, I don't know if you remember me from C7, but I'm the James Marsters fanatic You saved my life there!!!
  23. If Adam Baldwin has time to do quotes I'm getting 'I'll be in my bunk' if he'd be so kind as to write that
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