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  1. 450 was the limit last time - does this still stand?
  2. Is there no rule regarding previously entered fan fictions?
  3. Cool XD So we've got Voldemort - Tippin Cedric (Dragon Task do it!) - Jay (Gears?!?) Neville - TurkFox Possibilities Draco - naurarwen_fangorn Fleur - Aragorn's_Princess
  4. I'm having to get a wig for phoenix because there is not a chance my hair will be long enough to pull it off by November Yay Turkfox! Do which ever costume you think makes you look the prettiest Ellie XD
  5. Ah I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! I am trying to better it with the Very Secret Diary of Bob but unfortunately I still have like no time at the moment! Just taken up another collaboration on a new novel as well as sorting myself out for going to Uni and going to work and jitsu! Even without the play I still have no time! lol I'm glad that it hasn't lost any of it's comedy with re-reading XD
  6. Not only this but this reminds me of the Order of the Phoenix Costume Thread that seesm to have vanished - does anyone still want to do this? Maybe for Gmex 3? I'm still up for being Molly!
  7. Very nice my lamb - just enough blood as to not look too over done!
  8. Since it was completely ace last G-mex to have all the Death Eaters and Champions and random Harry Potter characters floating around G-mex - who feels like doing it all over again? I've been talking to jay about it already - I'm up for bring the Dark Lord out of the closet -cough- once more. I'm fixing on it for the Sunday if that's cool with everyone! Voldemort - Tippin Cedric - Jay(Gears!?!?!) Can I count the majoirty of last Gmex's death eaters and champions in?
  9. Tippin


    Are you barking at him or me? :WINCE: Which do you think? lol - sorry have been away for like ages! lol Boone - We are doing this for Gmex 2 - on the Saturday - if that's cool with everyone - you're welcome to join in with it all! I can't make C10 anymore because of Freshers week My Trusty Daddy Death Eater - Am getting the money to you tomorrow for the costume and I'll email you the sizes on the costume as well! And a recap on the costumes: - Tippin - Phoenix Jay (gears!?!?) - Scott/Cyclops naurarwen_fangorn - Iceman rel - Rogue cher - Kitty rickman101 - Wolverine Evie_nitram - yet to be assigned Boone - Wolverine Legolassie Malfoy - Angel I think having two Wolverine's will be fantastic - if anyone is dropping out can they let us know please! lol
  10. + Snape - Arthur Snape - 16 Fred - 25 Lupin - 10 Harry - 14 Arthur - 6 McGonagall - 5 Hermione - 13 Ron - 6 Draco - 21 Neville - 26 Lucius - 9 George - 16 Dumbledore - 9 Booted Off Cedric James Voldemort (master is plotting revenge - no tears Lucius - send word to but...I mean azkaban) Ginny Sirius
  11. If you can get picture texts I'll send it to ur mobby - cable for my phone is goosed so can't upload any pics to my comp anymore! -cries- Yay snape XD
  12. Tippin

    Jorja Fox/Sara Sidle

    Never mind lol - Having the style of my hair changed shortly so will look less like Jorge lol - that's not why am having it changed!
  13. Tippin

    World Wide CSI

    Can I use a one phrase answer instead? Rock climbing, Gorge walking and abseiling with David.
  14. Tippin

    CSI forum meet up

    Just discovered jitsu grading is a week tomorrow and is in fact one of Grandfather's 80th bday parties that clashes with London! cuh! XD
  15. Tippin

    CSI Summer Forum Meet-up

    That would just be greedy!
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