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  1. It clashes with something else, and there's talk on classic system forums about meetups at the normal events. You've gotten people talking .. The benefits of running many events around the country now, that it doesn't just have to be at a specific playexpo event does it ?
  2. In this sort of situation, the crew member with the guest should be politely stepping in after a period of time saying there's other people waiting, though it is difficult especially if it is the guest whose making the conversation with you, and it's you whose conscious of the queue behind you....
  3. On the Sunday, the guy running photoshoot A , had pretty much lost his voice. I was quite far back in the crowd of people , and couldn't hear him when he tried to make an announcement, and couldn't always see the whiteboard he was using. Maybe it's time to invest in a small public address system for the crew to use , specially at the photoshoots?
  4. I've just not got the time to go through all the posts to see what's been covered or not, 1. People speak of a bigger venue, so given that Earls court may be demolished ( though these things can drag out ) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-23175255 , Where else in London do people know of that could comfortably hold LFCC based on this year's size and number of attendees. I'd reckon Excel is out the question straight away.. 2. Water : Bring your own, simple as that, Showmasters are NOT there to provide or sell this to you, Can you imagine the cost and resource in doing this ? and where do you think that cost will be passed on to ? 3. Health and Safety : This is as much the VENUE's responsibility as it as those hiring the venue, But I feel it takes both parties to be observant in this aspect and raise it accordingly. 4. Venue food prices : The eateries in Earl's court will have a deal with Earl's court to provide this service, Nothing SM or anyone can do about this. 5. THe new tickets being discussed, They're only being discussed/ mooted as far as I can see, It's not been said they're definetly doing it. 6. Crew : They are volunteers just like you or I, I personally wouldn't have the patience to deal with some of the things I witnessed over the weekend, but if you feel so strongly , why don't those referring to the crew offer to crew? 7. Smoking : A friend and I reported that there were those smoking other substances at the gate on Earl's court property on the West Brompton side, we mentioned this to a Security officer in the blue vest as we walked up, he merely shrugged his shoulders, so we reported this to the info desk who did say they'd pass this on, whether they did or not is another matter. But I would have thought it should be up to the venue staff to enforce this ? I'll admit I didn't quite enjoy it as much as previous years, and was after a Stan Lee auto, but I went in prepared for the fact that there were several hundred ( thousand ? ) other attendees also after his auto, so knew there was a possibility of not getting one. But did get a photo with him.
  5. Either way, no company is going to upgrade their property if it's under threat such as earls Court appears to be. So I find myself wondering what other London venue could hold lfcc based on the size of this one, and cope with the number of attendees that was experienced. I'm ruling out the excel centre immediately.. Def bring back the retro gaming, I came home and set my snes back up!!
  6. Just one thing to those referring to better air-con.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-23175255 I doubt they'll invest in air-con anytime soon, if this goes ahead now that it's been approved. though will support calls for Natalie Dormer !
  7. The number of guys that I saw exiting the toilets without washing their hands was disgusting, you're meeting guests, poss using games controllers etc. My friend said he saw similar. WASH YOUR HANDS. General hygiene applies. Thank you
  8. Another friend and I are trying to find the gift vouchers in the online store, but currently can't. Is there a problem, or can it be fed back to the powers that be to add more vouchers please? There's not even a category for them at this time. Thanks
  9. If you're feeding stuff back to SM towers then... The store currently has categories for CFCC in November, and Newcastle in 2015, yet Winter LFCC which is before these 2 events is currently not listed on the store, yet has a section on the forum ? Is this an oversight, or is there a reason WLFCC isn't yet on the store ?
  10. It's reporting as being sold out at this end, using Firefox latest version.
  11. Good guest announcement, will he be allowed to sign items relating to Gotham ? I ask as John Barrowman wasn't allowed to sign for Torchwood before it aired ? Can you clarify this please?
  12. Regarding the stadium itself maybe http://www.mkdons.com/fans/disabled-supporters/ would answer some of your questions and tell you what the stadium itself offers by way of disabled facilities. As for the event, any of the crew looking after the area of the guest you're going to see will help you if you make yourself known to them. Otherwise I'd suggest going to the information desk when you arrive and they will probably put you in contact with the overall pit boss Too Tall ( you can't miss him !! ) who will liase with you. Hope this helps
  13. I also just received an order that I submitted in February. I'm missing an entry ticket as well. So will also send an email as well.
  14. Simply put , it's a common occurence at ANY event that the cashpoints ALWAYS run out of money, and would hope that the Sheffield Venue management are informed of this, so that the cashpoints there are topped up on the Friday. Surely Showmasters can at least request this when liasing with a new venue ? But for all the new attendees at Newcastle, please understand that at any established event such as LFCC, MK , the cashpoints do get emptied. I see people also commenting about food prices, again this is outwith SM's control, food / drink prices are down to the venue, and surely it's common knowledge that if attending an event of ANY sort , that you can expect to pay through the nose for food. Maybe those with local knowledge could put together a list of places nearby where people can go for food ? As the issue with not getting back in to the event will settle down, all that happened here was it was underestimated how many attendees would turn up, and by the sounds of it, maybe not enough communication between SM and event security that's supplied by the venue ( and overzealous Security Officer ! )
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