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  1. Does anyone know if the photo shoots for Erin and Gil willl be going on sale soon?
  2. Did she have any DVDs with her, Have a photo op tomorrow , can't wait, she is so cool!! Cheers Dave
  3. What day is it for, is it a single room? How much? Cheers Dave
  4. I have had a tshirt made with the season one voice modulator on the back and the season 4 modulator on the front. How sad am I!!! I am going to wear it on the day, hope William doesnt run off when he sees me!!! KITT ROCKS!!!!!!!
  5. Would love to see any main cast members from this show as it is still at the fore front of American prime time. Would be so cool to have Kristen Kreuk, Alison Mack, Erica Durance ETC ETC ETC!! Cheers Dave
  6. can you please tell me where bluewater shopping centre is?
  7. How cool would it be to have Mr Hasselhoff, he is in the country. Then theres Patricia McPherson, Peter Parros etc etc It would be good to have a few more to add to William Daniels!!!!!!
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