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  1. autographfan

    Digital Photos

    Given that photos are meant to be uploaded in chronological order, and photos from an event after CM have been uploaded, can we assume that they are now a lost cause? Been well over 2 and a half months and we still don’t have our photos. Feel a bit like I was duped out of £15 (I really don’t care for the cheap printout that we get)...
  2. autographfan

    Digital Photos

    Are you really saying we haven't already given them time and patience? We've given them 9 weeks - over 2 months - so far, with no sign that they're coming any time soon? Has every single person in the office genuinely spent the entire week on LFCC stuff?
  3. autographfan

    Digital Photos

    We were told they would be uploading them after LFCC; it's now been a week since that event ended and still nothing. Have they given up on photos from this event? It's now been 9 weeks...
  4. autographfan

    What did you get signed?

    I did ask him, and he said something along the lines of "I'm not really number 12". Was happy to put his years on it though which was what I was going for though!
  5. autographfan

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    But if they're willing to pay for a diamond pass, why shouldn't they get priority over a fan with a VQ ticket? And to play devil's advocate, if the dealer hadn't turned up with 10 signed items to sell, then 10 real fans who couldn't make it to the event will have missed out on getting their favourite actor's autograph...
  6. autographfan

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    So would you rather have a world where we're paying more money to meet people (because the dealers haven't paid a shedload to meet them and paid for a big chunk of their appearance fee)? Would you rather not have a lot of the smaller guests there because they can't make a profit now the dealers have gone? To some extent I understand the argument in "free" environments, such as stage doors, but complaining that someone has paid for multiple autographs and has got those autographs is utterly bizarre.
  7. autographfan

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    Can't really understand why people are still complaining about the dealers. They also spend a great deal of money - and probably pay for some of the smaller guests on their own. If they didn't attend I'm sure prices would increase for everyone else. Sure, it's annoying to be stuck behind someone getting dozens of autographs, but I can't really see the problem if they paid for their turn and you're still getting your autograph?
  8. autographfan

    Question about the Doctors (WHO)

    Only David Tennant made it to VQ - in fact he managed it fairly early on despite being really chatty and dedicating if asked. I think he made it through about 200 VQ tickets by close of play? I saw Christopher Eccleston very early in the day and he was dedicating, and I've seen on here that he was writing quotes as well. I think because of late running photo shoots he was struggling to get through all the diamonds later on in the day though! Matt Smith was a disaster, I'm not sure he got through all the diamonds in the end and definitely no VQ. He was over 3 hours of photos scheduled, which overran by another 40 minutes, and had very limited signing time. No dedications but he was writing things like character name underneath the signature. Peter Capaldi had a similar problem to Matt Smith - except he also had a talk on top of that, and even less signing time - but promised to stay on until 7 in order to see all the diamond pass holders. Despite him reaching pass number 240 on Saturday they started from passes 0-20 on the Sunday morning, and didn't get to that number again until about 6PM, despite there being quieter periods earlier in the day where they were actively turning away diamond passes with higher numbers, which resulted in those people staying well past 6PM in a horrendous queue. Official rule was "No dedications" but he was spending a fair amount of time with every fan, writing whatever you wanted on there (and some fairly lengthy inscriptions). A super nice guy but I feel like either his diamond passes were oversold, or they shouldn't have been so strict on DP numbers earlier in the day.
  9. autographfan

    Answers to FAQ

    Only if they're not a diamond pass guest.
  10. autographfan

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Is David Tennant the friendliest person in the world? I think so. Even though he had huge demand, he took the time to speak personally to everyone in the queue and was really genuine and interested, whilst also managing to get through a sizeable number of VQ tickets (I heard from someone he got to about 200 on VQ as well as seeing all the Diamond Passes?).
  11. autographfan


    It was all a consequence of Matt's shoots overrunning massively in the afternoon, combined with Peter Capaldi's talk being late and having limited signing time. In the end, Peter Capaldi got back to his signing area at 4 but was only signing diamond passes 1-50 at that time (with 2 hours to go). Matt wasn't due back until 5 but didn't get there until about 5:40 due to delays, with again a lot of diamond passes still queuing for him. In the end, pit bosses got diamonds lined up in order, zapped through at superspeed then on to join Capaldi's queue (who stayed until 7pm to see every diamond pass holder). A bit of flexibility worked wonders in the end and meant we went home smiling rather than frustrated. Still think it might be a mistake to get one-day diamond pass guests to do 3 hours of photoshoots (once you add lunch into the equation, Matt had very limited signing time to get through a lot of diamond passes), and likewise with Peter Capaldi having only 4 hours at most of signing time (fair enough, he's a 2 day guest, but with today being Doctor Who day surely it was a good bet most people would go for him today rather than Saturday?).
  12. autographfan


    They separated the queue out really well and I'm pretty sure they got all the diamonds seen. Some excellent staff who were doing their absolute best to keep us informed even though they had no idea that he would only get back to his desk around 6:40! It was organised very well and we got through at record speed.
  13. autographfan

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Crew made it very easy today. Big thanks to all of the photo staff who kept it running smoothly, especially when there were clashes, and those who were working at supersonic speed to actually hand out the photo prints! Also thank you to those on the Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi queues at the end of the day. Some very difficult situations arose because of a number of delays, but they kept calm and managed to get all the diamonds seen and moved across quickly to get it all sorted. A lot of calmness in very heated circumstances made it really straightforward, and without them it probably wouldn't have been possible! Turned a situation round from a potential disappointment to something we'll remember with fondness for a very very long time.
  14. autographfan

    What did you get signed?

    Finished off possibly my most ambitious ever multi project, now signed by every living Doctor...
  15. autographfan

    Pass Pickup Times

    So if I'm reading it right, I'll be able to collect the diamond pass before getting scanned into the venue, before 9AM? That would make life much easier!