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  1. Thanks! Can't wait now, especially as we get both the screening again and a quiz.
  2. Matt Rippy was one of the best guests. <3 I'd love for him to come to another Hub!
  3. Just realised that there will probably be a masquerade too, won't there? May have to bring something a bit more impressive then. Off to the cosplay wardrobe I go!
  4. Babydoll! <3 Looking forward to seeing this one, Rob! I'm so glad I'll get to see your Madam Vastra cosplay. It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it. :) My plans are: Saturday- Simon Tam from Firefly now I've finally finished painting the vest. Sunday: Maybe James Potter and then my usual Harold Saxon costume and 'Duncan' Doctor in his cage for Tennant's photoshoot.
  5. To be honest, I find that having any party theme early is better than having one late. Otherwise I tend to say 'sod it' and do my own thing rather than stick with the theme. As I recall we've been asking for a pyjama party on the Sunday for a while now... A 'Music, Music, Music' theme for Barrowman would be cool! Or a general sci-fi/Time Warp party again, as those always seem to bring out the best costumes!!!
  6. I've been to every Hub so far, but I won't be able keep it up if it carries on being twice yearly! D:
  7. That's a great idea! I don't think anyone's ever organised a group cosplay photo at the Hub before! I'll be dressed as Eleven this weekend (provided that my material arrives in time to make my new shirt!) and raggedy Doctor. : )
  8. I've finally settled on bloody!Mitchell, Eleven (if I can make my shirt in time!) and Sam Tyler.
  9. You're spoiling us, showmasters! 8D Keep the LoM/AtA guests coming please! \o/ <3
  10. Wooh! Thank you showmasters! More AtA guests please!
  11. koschei


    My friend and I will be cosplaying Mr and Mrs Saxon this weekend. :) And I'm whipping up a last minute costume for the Pompeii party. I'm a few decades out, but I'll be attempting John Simm's Caligula. :q
  12. koschei

    Dance steps

    Gemzus and I are on it!! *salute* Whilst we're doing it, are there any others anyone want a tutorial for? (Swamp Thing, Star Trekkin'?)
  13. LOL, we had a John and we were handcuffed together toooooo And I got handcuffed to a lamp-post. ;D
  14. koschei


    All positives that I can think of!! I thought the amount entertainment and scale of the Saturday night party was just fantastic C: The freak show was a great laugh and the fair stalls were so much fun; free hippos, candyfloss and popcorn for all, what's not to love?! Randy was hillarious, the guests were all fantastic and everything was even more efficient and organised concerning the schedule. And on a random note, I really appreciate that Kai still came despite everything and was so wonderful. Oh!! And I thought it was fantastic that there was an auction specifically for charity C: Can't wait for Hub 3!!! You never dissappoint showmasters!! Ooh, although I wasn't aware of the situation with Phil Ford's writer's workshop for some reason so I missed it. I'm still not, so you might want to correct/ignore me here, but I would have loved to have seen a panel or something from him. It was still great to have him write the Randy script and meet him though.
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