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  1. Hiya guys, My mate is trying to pre-book parking at Earls Court but when looking on the list of events at Earls Court, its not coming up with EMS. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Yep on my lonesome at this one :)
  3. Well just bought my train tickets down. Did attempt to try and buy a ticket but as I thought my credit card is dead as a dodo at the moment. Will have to buy my ticket on the Friday or if my trains play up, on the Sat morning
  4. Booked my hotel room but unfortunately can't buy my Silver ticket yet as my payday is next week and LFFC has made me broke for this month. But I will be there
  5. Should be 200 Ange, you skipped a day
  6. Everyone have a fantastic time! Shame I can't go now due to being ill but i'll see about next year.
  7. Well got my Gold. Two to go. I really must start doing the lottery.
  8. Very! Hugs Yes but you're defeating the object of a birthday present by buying me something at Hub 6 lol
  9. Will be getting my gold ticket in the next couple of days hopefully. Then I just need to sort out two gold for my two friends. How lovely I am lol.
  10. So not dying your hair then? lol
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