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  1. Why have I seen no sign of this on Twitter or Facebook? I only found out when I got my refund email.
  2. Aw I was going to get a photoshoot now I've seen the schedule. But it's up to batch 9 that'll take forever
  3. Thanks, no need I'll just jinx people
  4. I've done a search and found a lot of queries but not a lot concrete. What is allowed and what's not? I plan to have an HP style wand but it will be wooden is that allowed?
  5. Welcome to London Sherlock tune for me.
  6. Anyone got any of my friend here who was Cosplaying Nightwing? I know he had his picture taken a lot but I haven't spotted any of him. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152859103955670&id=625305669&set=a.10152859103305670.1073741858.625305669&source=56&ref=bookmarks
  7. TerraHawk I was really looking forward to that, living on the doorstep. But it seems it wasn't to be and now Glow is getting the heaveho too I believe.
  8. Yup right when we need it the District Line will be closed between Earls Court and Embankment and Circle Line between Edgware Road and Aldgate. Grr.
  9. Also Claire PJ is Arwel's Mrs ;-)
  10. Meeting all the cast was so wonderful. But one of the best things was my picture on the 221b set with BC ☺️ http://pinterest.com/pin/14425661282891834/
  11. Mum took this picture of someone in her great Kittie outfit (and a Mr Holmes) I thought I'd put it up in case she's about. http://pinterest.com/pin/14425661282906988/
  12. I do believe the plan a U.S. one and a Europe one (I think other than the UK one). http://www.sherlocked.com/index.php/news/9-sherlocked-in-the-usa
  13. I'd like to say I loved the crew t-shirts too very easy to spot if you needed help.
  14. A much better review here than the vile Mail http://sherlockshome.net/2015/04/27/sherlocked-a-report-on-sherlocks-first-ever-convention/
  15. Yeah just look at the photos not the awful article.
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