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  1. Can we please leave this section: > Showmasters > Previous Events > Previous Showmasters events > Collectormania Manchester > Bitten 2 and go back to: > Showmasters > Upcoming Events > Bitten 2 Thank-youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Found it here --> > Showmasters > Previous Events > Previous Showmasters events > Collectormania Manchester > Bitten 2 Can it go back in the upcoming events section please lol You just beat me to saying that lol
  3. I know double photoshoots are normally a no-no at these types of conventions (but happen at Collectormania's sometimes!) but is there even a remote possibility of a double-photoshoot??
  4. Well done! On the plus-side, you qualify for the free Group Photo with the guests now too as you are staying at the Park Inn! Bonus!
  5. I know how everyone feels with the waiting! My friend is a nurse and can only come on Sunday. I will only go if she can go and my Mum can only go if I take her so without seeing a schedule soon.. Showmasters will either sell 3 more tickets or we will buy none! ...but like David has said.. it will come! :)
  6. Because the whole point of this extra for con hotel guests is so that SM doesn't lose money which it will if the rooms are not filled. SM always recommend that you stay at the event hotel, true that doesn't make sense when you live around the corner but SM are making nothing from people staying at other hotels/at home. This isn't about people missing out, it's an extra for hotel guests who are paying to stay there and thus benefiting SM. Simple. This thread is way to angry in my opinion! The only point, in my opinion, that needs to be addressed is the Park Inn telling people that the hotel was full when it was not and as such people booking else where. So a problem with The Park Inn, not SM. Bahh. But if SM offer to sell it as an extra to us that are not staying there they won't lose money...
  7. Can you please add this question: I only live around the corner from the hotel so why should I be penalised and miss out on the best memento available at a SM convention, when I clearly don't require a hotel room?
  8. Means I not longer need to attend Saves me around £100 all-in-all I guess. Maybe next time.....
  9. TRUKid


    I am not going to come on here and moan but am curious at to why there wasn't a full schedule put up on here showing guest days etc, as is the usual with all other conventions SM/ME run... I was desperate to meet Andrew, Bruno and then Arthur but could not attend on the Saturday, only Sunday. Just wondering why we did we not get a schedule posted up on here? If we had, my friend and I would have come for the day had we been able to see which guests would be in attendance...
  10. Gotta agree - Sorry (no offence meant) Prefer SJ's work... ...maybe it will be like Facebook which everyone hated when it got changed and now we like it...
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