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  1. Well I just hope all of you attending have a fab time - you have to have an extra good time for all us who couldn't be there.... Enjoy it guys!
  2. Ooooo IT'S ERYKAH Debs, hang with Erykah and Co and you'll be fine. And anyone else who wants to hang out of course! *waves to Erykah from Oz* And you realise I will THROTTLE you if you don't go.....just go and enjoy it - it is the last one!!!!! *huggles*
  3. Well to sort of console myself, I've ordered the Premium Absentee Pack....had to make myself feel better somehow!
  4. I certainly always wanted to be at the last one....crap crap crap! I'm gutted - going off now to weep in my weeties. Rubbish way to start the day! I wish I could come but finances are s***e and getting over from Oz is never cheap. Just wish we would've had more notice of it being the last one. May have somehow created a miracle so I could've gotten there. Thank you Showmasters/Massive Events for the past Hubs - they have been a real hoot!
  5. Absolutely brilliant!!! Thanks so much ME :)
  6. Oh c'mon guys this is ridiculous.... Can you PLEASE make a decision and announce party themes??? I leave Oz in 3 weeks, and will be in the UK for 5 weeks, and thus I am nearly out of time to organise anything, so I would like to know what is being announced asap. I am SURE I am not the only one in this sort of position either.... How about it???
  7. Excellent guest announcement - great to see William will be at Hub. Thanks ME. Just need Eve now...
  8. Amazing actor - will be a pleasure to meet him at Hub. Thanks ME.
  9. Fab announcement; always good to have writers at the Hub too....
  10. Out of all the Americans on Miracle Day, Alexa was one of my faves....she was so lovely. Can we PLEASE get her for Hub 7? I know Massive Events were wanting to get a couple of American cast if they could, and she would be a delight to meet. Also, c'mon ME, we haven't had any lady guests announced yet....bring on the girls too please
  11. I think a lot of us haven't met Burn before, so it would be fabulous to have him at Hub 7.
  12. I think Daniele would make a lovely addition to this Hub....
  13. Eve's fabulous and a definite must have for Hub 7, especially with JB and Kai being there too...
  14. Yeah I quite like those ideas, and didn't mind the Doctors/Nurses theme for the other night - I know some didn't like that theme, but I thought it was ok, and certainly fitted in re Owen, Dr Rupesh, Dr Vera etc etc... Showmasters can we PLEASE organise themes early for a change? There are other Cons that have party themes announced MONTHS in advance....surely we can have 2 months heads up for a change, not a few weeks? I'm leaving Australia at end October to come over, so I would love to know well before then what themes are decided upon.... Thanks.
  15. Not sure how well received this idea would be, but he is going to be in London the following weekend for another event...perhaps he may be available Hub weekend too???
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