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  1. I've just called Virging trains for you and you are right in the morning it is a replacement bus service from Euston. Just turn up to the station and the staff should direct you to where the buses are. The journey by bus should take about an hour and a half. They said trains will start running again at 11.39.
  2. I'm positive they will, other than Enterprise and SG it's not like she's done a lot of other big stuff that would take precedence with regard to the photo's. I'd be highly suprised if they had any SG 8x10's of Dean S seeing as he only did one episode and has done loads of other stuff.
  3. Half Baked rules them all
  4. You were correct Jeni! Are you coming into Heathrow? Get the tube to Euston, then get on a Virgin train (they are the quick ones) to MK Central then you can either walk or get a taxi from outside the station. Which tickets do you mean? The train tickets can be bought with a credit card and I think most sellers will probably accept them as well. If you mean the virtual queue tickets however, you don't actually pay for them. They are free and when your number is called you pay the nice people at the desk with all the photo's on just before you get to the guest. They do not accept de
  5. I'm up to about pg 65 now and it's quite good so far. All the Aztec names are hard to pronounce though!
  6. Raylenth

    Threads DVD

    Does anyone know if Threads will be the extended version when it's released on DVD in about a month?
  7. Look on the bright side, hopefully SM will get them over for another show and maybe get Amanda back at the same time. All 3 together would be fantastic.
  8. The back says "When a Crystal Skull is dicovered beneath the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, it ignites a cataclysmic chain of events that maroons SG-1 on a dying world. Xalotcan is a brutal society, steeped in death and sacrifice, where the bloody gods of the Aztecs demand tribute from a fearful and superstitious population. But that's the least of Colonel Jack O'Neill's problems. With the Xalotcan on the brink of catastrophe, Dr Daniel Jackson insists that O'Neill must fulfil an ancient prophosy and lead its people to salvation. But with the world tearing itself apart, can anyone su
  9. Woo Hoo, the new book was delivered this morning, I'm looking forward to reading it.
  10. I prefer going on friday and they have always had everyone I wanted to meet go then before, but not this time unfortunatly. Now I'm deciding between Saturday and not going (I only want to see 2 guests!)
  11. I know it's too late now but I didn't have time to log on and post when it was on but Jay Acovone was on CSI:NY on Saturday night as a gangster!
  12. I've been to a few of the Baddiel and Skinner ones. It's good fun. Beware though, when my friends and I were going, entry isn't guarranteed as they normally get more audience members in than they have seats for. They do it because they can't be sure everyone with a ticket will turn up and they want to make sure the studio to be full, so it's usually on a first come first served basis. I don't know the company you are getting your tickets through and if they will use the same type of system, but as a precaution arrive in plenty of time!
  13. Jaffa cakes are fandabidozy
  14. Has to be for Buffy/Angel i'm afraid, I've seen him in LB and the coffee ads but not the other stuff.
  15. Raylenth


    I'd love to meet Jay Acovone. Could be wrong but I don't think he's been over for a while.
  16. Yup, I'd be happy with any of them but especially Ben or Claudia would be 'triffic
  17. Raylenth

    Where Are You?

    Just added myself, another one listed under Essex! It's nice to know where everyone is from and who is living near to you.
  18. One the website it says it's released on the 18th April, only a difference of a few days I know, but just in case anyone went looking for it
  19. I know a few people who would come if she were to attend, so YES PLEASE
  20. My sister loves 24 so I'd like to be able to get her Kiefer's auto, bring him on!!
  21. But that is part of the problem, Hamster can go on the Friday, and yes it probably will be very quiet, but Michael won't be there!
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