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  1. frankslittlemachine

    Sean Astin signing question...

    Thanks TT, figured it would be ok if sensibly handled but thanks for confirming!
  2. frankslittlemachine

    Sean Astin signing question...

    I have a prop replica of Samwise's sword that I would like Sean Astin to sign, would this be ok security wise? Last time I had to bring one of these swords to be signed the only real rule is that it needed to stay in the packing while it was signed. Is this still the case? Thanks a lot
  3. frankslittlemachine


    Check your spam box, that's where mine was!
  4. frankslittlemachine

    latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Always like to catch those when on TV but I'll definitely be meeting him for Highlander and wanting a pic from that. Might even think about getting my DVD cover signed. It was an iconic film for me at the time. Don't normally go for that kind of thing but it's such a rare opportunity I'll have to see how the funds go over the weekend. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong I will definitely be getting Highlander Merch signed...but Fortress will always hold a special place in my cinematic heart...simply for the pure pulp sci-fi it opened my eyes too!
  5. frankslittlemachine

    latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Fantastic guest...heres hoping theres a Fortress picture to be signed, always loved that film!
  6. frankslittlemachine

    lord of the rings is the con that showmasters never ran

    Haven't posted on the forum for a while but you can rest assured this announcement has be scuttling back!! Very excited and will definitly be there!
  7. frankslittlemachine

    Holding out for that last minute guest......

    Yup, that would be fantastic!
  8. frankslittlemachine

    How Much is LFCC gonna cost you?

    The usual...about £300
  9. frankslittlemachine

    hi *waves*

    The dude pretty much summed it up nicely One little bit of advice would be to make sure that the guests you want to see will all be there on Sunday...this info can be found in the 'guest days and prices' thread stickied at the top of the LFCC section
  10. frankslittlemachine


    Happy Birthday Jason...hope you have/had a great one
  11. frankslittlemachine

    The 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi

    Megan Fox?? Yeah, sure! I'm kinda surprised about the lack of inclusion for Jeri Ryan though...
  12. frankslittlemachine

    Collectormania London?

    It already has its own section on the main forum page
  13. frankslittlemachine

    Latest Guest Annoucement - Billy Dee Williams

    Finally get to get his auto...missed him at CE so now's my chance...great work SM
  14. frankslittlemachine


    By then the new hall at the stadium where CM will be run will be finished so it won't be on the concourse, right? This is why there isn't another CM in MK this year
  15. frankslittlemachine

    Post your pics guys

    Now you tell me!! I'll be expecting two free auto's at LFCC from you now!