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  1. Riders Of Justice. It's classed as a comedy but I'd not really say it is, there were some moments that made me laugh but given there's some pretty hefty themes in the film it's a bit to hard hitting to be an outright comedy. It's an interesting film, not one I think I will probably be rushing to rewatch, but it's decent enough.
  2. I think a big part of the problem is it's just impossible to know what it will be like then. Hopefully with vaccinations progressing quickly, we will see a drastic drop in cases in the next couple of months and by June time we will have a much clearer picture of how things are. I honestly don't think it'll go ahead if distancing and everyone wearing masks is still required, mainly because it would be impossible for any large event to manage it. I think one of the main issues will be getting the guests over. I'm not sure if they have said anything about international travellers but
  3. If it's still at that stage that those measures are required, a show the size of LFCC isn't happening
  4. I think all they can say at the moment is that there's nothing to say. They will post when they have news.
  5. That was one nun up a hill.
  6. Black Narcissus (BBC). Nuns up a mountain, everyone goes a bit mental. Decent series, nothing complicated about the storyline and some beautiful scenery.
  7. Pre selling auto's doesn't make any difference to be honest, all it does is move the point at which you exchange money, but it doesn't do anything for the numbers - the show needs as many people through as possible to pay for getting the guest over so even if you limit the number of people able to see the guest, the price would have to be massively high to get it down to covid safe numbers. I do see a future for trusted companies to continue the private signings as it'd be a good chance to get people you might not be able to otherwise, so it'd be nice if some could be done with guests who c
  8. Ghost Wars (Netflix). I can see why it was cancelled after it's first series but it's got quite a good cast so I was hoping it might still be better than it was. Kim Coates, Vincent D'Onofrio and Meatloaf all have main parts, but the story's nothing new and feels like a rehash of a few other series. Gave up after episode 4.
  9. The Ripper (Netflix) A documentary about the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. Quite an interesting show and shocking, not just for the murders obviously but for the actions of the police who were seriously hampered by their prejudices and many actions they took (or didn't as it was) that probably did lead to more people dying. Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer (Netflix). Another very good documentary on the hunt for another serial killer. It was really interesting to see what the police were up against given how quickly the NS attacks took place and how varied the victims were wh
  10. The House At The End Of The Street. It's a mediocre film and not a brilliant plot, alright for a watch but nothing to recommend it to others really The BFG. It's OK for a kids film and I admit I did laugh at the farting rocket corgies.
  11. The Alienist series 2. I do enjoy this series and the 2nd was as good as the first. They don't shy away from the reality of what life was like for most people back then which makes it depressingly real, but it's a good show and worth a watch.
  12. Enola Holmes. I quite enjoyed this. Though I've never read any of the Enola Holmes books so I have no idea if they are any good or not I thought the film worked quite well for the most part. I wasn't sure about the Mummy leaving plot, the reasoning seemed a little weak to me but meh.
  13. Crimson Peak. An average film really, it was an OK watch but nothing to get excited about. It was kind of predictable.
  14. Skyscraper HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA This film does not care about the laws of physics at all
  15. Did I? I probably did. Oh well, life sucks sometimes doesn't it. On that note, I have just found a pattern that could work, but have a couple of projects on the go at the moment, so I could possibly have it ready for you around, oh I don't know, October?
  16. I resolve to try and accidentally stab myself less with tiny crochet needles.
  17. The Night Manager. I missed it first time round as my machine messed up the recording and I didn't realise until after it was off Iplayer, so I was really happy to catch it again on BBC3. I've not read any John Le Carre before so didn't have any expectations, and I really enjoyed it. The first episode is a little slow, but that often happens when stuff is being established, but it soon picked up the pace. The cast were all very good and it had lots of familiar faces and it was nice to see a coupe of them in main parts. I love Hugh Laurie and he made a very good bad guy. Some of the p
  18. Staged 1 & 2. I saw 1 when it was originally shown but wanted to rewatch it in advance of 2, especially when I found out that the Netflix version had a lot more material to it. 2 was very well done and a delightful follow up, well worth a watch. His Dark Materials 2. It took me a while to get around to watching it but when I did I steamed through all the episodes in about a day, it's really good though now it's getting into the meat of the stories, a lot sadder than the first. I look forward to series 3.
  19. Bad Boys For Life. An OK film, about what you would expect from this franchise really. All I can say about the opening is that if the LAPD can spare that amount of resources just to escort an officer on a non police related matter, their excess budget should be given to a needier station Also anyone who's a fan of a certain cannibal could see what was coming a mile off with that opening prison scene.
  20. Santa? Mind you I get his autograph every year at Xmas so he's actually pretty common.
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