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    ...so I thought I'd post this and see who's still about!!!
  3. Ok here's my two penneth! I borrowed the movie Twilight from a friend back in January and I loved it. What I loved about it was the idea of the relationship between Bella and Edward, that's what initially got me hooked. I got the books straight away and pretty much read them all back to back. It was only after reading the book of Twilight that I realised how poor the film is compared to the book, there was sooo much more they could of done with it and there were bits they put in that I thought were completely pointless, like making Bella a vegetarian for example (even tho I am one myself, I fail to see how making her one in the film improves the story at all! Think I missed the point there.) I find it very much a 'teen' film now, though I don't find that with the book. You really do need to have read the book to truly understand the film. I don't think the acting is poor, I can totally see how they've directed Rob to make him come across a certain way, but I really don't rate Kristen Stewart at all. I agree about the annoying ticks she has and I don't think she does Bella any justice. I literally just saw the trailer for Eclipse last night (I only got the net back yesterday, waiting to see it has been KILLING me!) and it seems to me she has the same look on her face throughout the ENTIRE thing! I prefer the character of Bella in the books, I think she is very well written and actually quite funny at times. But Kristen displays very little emotion and even when she does, the emotion doesn't touch her face. Rob, however, is the perfect Edward for me. As I said, I watched the film first, so I found myself imagining the cast as their parts in the book. Rob made it very easy for me to imagine him as Edward! I read New Moon before I saw it and I wasn't disappointed. The Wolves were exactly how I imagined them to be and I was totally blown away by it. Definitely my favourite of the 2 films so far. Can't wait for Eclipse! Looks set to be amazing! Only dubious about Bryce, am reserving judgement til I've seen her as Victoria and as I said, Kristen. Bella has a very emotional time in the book and I doubt that Kristen will portay this well in the movie. One thing I do find strange is that I had an oppurtunity to read Twilight back in the beginning of 2008, but I was at a very low ebb at the time and didn't have the concentration needed to read a book, so I returned it to the person who leant it to me. I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten into it back then, as I have already started meeting fellow fans and it has changed my life! I don't agree with people who criticise Stephenie as an author. I think she very talented and has captured the imagination of millions, including little ol' me!
  4. I've just found this place! I'm a very ooold member of the forum but relatively new to Twilight. I LOVE IT!!!
  5. I find that so very wrong on so many levels!!!!
  6. I really enjoyed it! I thought it was amazing and I enjoyed getting the newborns perspective. I felt really sorry for Bree, Diego and Fred by the end and I agreed with Stephenie that she wished she'd ended Eclipse slightly differently. I've also re-read the whole saga since reading Bree Tanner and it was good to read Eclipse with the knowledge from the novella. I reallyreallyreally hope she will finish Midnight Sun!
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    Can't believe this is still going! Oh, and I win!
  8. Happy Belated Birthday Deebee! Sorry I missed it, hope you had a good one xxx
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    Awesome! Not only is this game still going but I WIN!!!! BAHAHAAAAAA! lol
  10. I'm reserving my judgement on this until I see it, if I decide to when the time comes! Like someone said, Peter is only producing it, not directing it so he won't have the same creative control as he did on LOTR and thats what worries me. I loved LOTR so much that I don't want it ruined by a crappy prequel! Fingers crossed that it works out ok tho. Would be awesome if it did!
  11. Me too Lee, I thought she was quite funny!
  12. I liked Hornblower too, partly because I fancied the pants off Ioan when he was in it lol
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    Woop woooooop! That Furby scared me... is that normal!? lol MISS YOU GUUUYS! xxx
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