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  1. That is actually an issue not scheduled for another 2 months.. it was leaked online. it wont be out next week !! Saves me looking for it. I know subscribers get it a week early, but I can wait now...
  2. The pitfulls of the filming industry. At least he has rescheduled.
  3. Excellent work Jason. I can't post what I would like to to the doom mongers as it is a public forum. But this announcement is pure class.
  4. Want a tissue David? Don't cry mate...man, the e-mail was steaming...
  5. Or you can have my probation officer, but you only have 5 and a half weeks to get hold of him. Yes, due to one thing or another, I have been cast as the Black Sheep. Bec..e-mail me as I need to ask you something.
  6. My Dad's a Magistrate and Brother a Met Police Officer..which one do you want?
  7. BREAKING NEWS - THE CHIPMUNKS ARRESTED IN DRUG'S FACTORY Reports from America state that Alvin (the Ringleader), Theodore (the Chemist) and Simon (the Muscle) were arrested by DEA Agents in a downtown Los Angeles warehouse. Locals said that the three suspects were visible at all times of the day and night, and did not try to hide what they were doing. Agents are also following up suggestions that the three Chipmunks were in a drugs war with notorious LA Gangs the Crips and Bloods. Going under the name "The CM Massive", all three ruled their territory with iron fists. Mugshots to follow. On a personal note, I am very disappointed in the Chipmunks. They are Kids favourites and are glorifying Gangs and Drugs. This is a sad day for all chipmunks.
  8. ....and mock them when they shamelessly get p*ssed and fall out of a club.. Or read in Heat how Charlie from the last Big Brother just got smacked by another woman for doing the "Don't you know who I am?" routine. I do not advocate violence, but she had it coming from day 1 on the house. I am just shocked it took so long to happen.
  9. With the right setup, this could work and work well. There could be a mixture of old time players that now ply their trade as vets in the UK; a host of British talent with a smattering of names from the USA, Mexico and Japan. The independent scene is thriving at the moment with former big names from the WWE, old WCW, TNA and RoH taking bookings. You have a huge fan base for wrestling in the UK, and the WWE is only a small portion of that. You go to any WWE event, and you will see alot of independent t-shirts on view. Take into account that the WWE have just green lit a territorial office in the UK - one of 3 outside the States.
  10. I saw a report today stating that Lily Allen is being persued as the replacement for Catherine Tate who is scheduled finish as the companion to The Doctor at the end of the next series thus being a one season companion. The BBC is high on Lily Allen's acting talents and hope her musical background will help her connect with fans. Lily is daughter to Keith Allen - the Sheriff in the remake of Robin Hood amongst many things. At first I thought "Oh My God". But, in a similar way to Billie Piper, I grew to think it is a viable option.
  11. The worst kept secret is confirmed: WWE Leaks Huge Return Spoiler Before It Happens Date Added: November 13, 2007 Story By: Richard Gray WWE has confirmed the return of the return of Chris Jericho before it actually happened. The latest issue of WWE Magazine features Chris Jericho on the cover with the tag line “Chris Jericho: The real story behind Y2J’s shocking returnâ€. On the cover photo Jericho is shown plugging in two power cables. The magazine will hit newsstands later next week.
  12. Must resist cracking Essex Girl joke about K Girly..
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