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  1. Oh hard one! I will only do top 10 too as seen far to many to list all 1 Star Trek 2 District 9 3 Paranormal activity 4 The Hangover 5 Avatar 6 Sherlock Holmes 7 Benjamin Button 8 G I Joe 9 The Ugly Truth 10 Zombieland List will prob change when I remember other films I watched. lol
  2. We're off to see them on Wed too. Finally got tickets delivered today. Was worried we wouldnt get them in time!!
  3. I was gonna go, but have meetings in school til 5 gutted :-( hope anyone going has fun!!
  4. Aww i loved it. My boyfriend and I were sat at a table and he got quite a bit of attention from the lads. One of them waved at my boyfriend and then another one rustled his hair and messed with his cheeks. lol. was hilarious!!! will upload pics soon!
  5. We went to the birmingham prom and were invited into the gold area at like 12 when there was no one left anyway. lol. and daniel and charlie has disappeared too. lol. the american chinese guy (i assume a manager or something) invited us in. we got questioned by the crew, but there were already ppl there who were standard ticket holders sitting with the crew. surely the same rules should apply for everyone and the crews friends shouldnt have been in their either, esp when they questioned us. My highlights were my hugs from daniel and meeting some fab new friends Low - the hanging around on sunday when there was nothing to do.
  6. Am going 26th October! Cant wait
  7. Talking about x mem i no this is a twilight event but my bf a bigger x men fan then twilight. u think it would be ok to get daniel to sign somethin from x men for my bf auto?
  8. The question is Cheryl when are you getting it? haha, I think I will be going for the cheapest time, not sure when that will be. I'm getting whichever one gets me there on time, lol. I think I'll be going for the cheapest one too though lol.
  9. Hey rayray. noticed u were st 12 for birmingham. meand my bf are 13 and 14 and we r from liverpool too!! lol Woah, small world! Whereabouts? We live in Knotty Ash, not far from Broadgreen Hospital. u?
  10. Hey rayray. noticed u were st 12 for birmingham. meand my bf are 13 and 14 and we r from liverpool too!! lol
  11. He told us that on facebook. I wonder how much he will charge lol I for one havent met him yet!! lol
  12. The Ibis has a car park. This is where we normally stay. Car park is quite pricey though. Costs £14 for 24hrs, but ur paying for most hotel carparks anyway and this is one of the few local hotels we found with a carpark
  13. Hey all!! My name is Vicki and I am 24 from Liverpool and am a qualified teacher! lol. Starting a new job on first september teaching maths in a Liverpool secondary school! I will be going to the Birmingham one with my boyfriend and cant wait! My facebook for anyine i'm not friends with yet http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#...ley?ref=profile
  14. Are these for London or Birmingham??
  15. Me and my bf are Standard 13 and 14 for brimingham!! not long left now!
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