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  1. OK. Delete the number - I have it. Just looking back at some of our weird conversations, how strange we must have seemed - fun though. See you Thursday morning then - 'cannae wait', oh, and speak later. Loveses.
  2. Thank Orli. True. See you then hun. Loveses. xxxxx etc. :D
  3. Hey. Sean Hugs to you all. XXXXXXX XXXXXX
  4. OK. Am getting a little old for all this - yawn!! Maybe I will make the extra effort for this one. What say you JayGears??????? XXXXXX
  5. Hello Guys. So you are still around? Miss you all. x BB
  6. Hey Guys - Here I am! I bet I can find at least two more as well. Nice to see you here. Speak soon. XX
  7. Hey Doods. Help! Having phone problems. Been trying to get you on your new number but keep getting strange lady with son called Jack instead. Hmm. But I'm a little confused over the '44' bit at the beginning of your number. I know I had to do something with it but obviously I'm doing it wrong. Can you please ring or text with the right number without the '44' bit? Hope you get this soon as I'm free all next week. See you soon. Sean and Jedi Hugs. xxxxx
  8. Hey there! Hope the assignments are going well. I too, have an assessment to get out by the end of the month. After that, there's a pro-forma for my dissertation, another assessment, then the final dissertation. Yeuch! Still, at least there are no exams to sit this year. So Friday 19th fits in well with me. I'm in London on Saturday with the OU, then on the 26th in Nottingham for a Study day so that's the only free Saturday I have this month. June is looking good though, thank Orli. So when do you go back to Portsmouth? I hope to bring the boys again this year during the summer hols. Hope everybody is ok and see you soon and loads of loveses. xxx
  9. Hey Kilty Precious. Hope you are ok. Yes you are still blocked - stupid phone, but you are not alone, lots of my numbers are blocked. Orli only knows what I've done to it. Hopefully Doods will be over soon to sort it out! Now the boys have plans for my birthday on Saturday and I have to work on Sunday, so that and a few problems with you know who - I'll have to give the weekend a miss. Wood you like to come and spend a Saturday with us instead - you can come over on the Friday and stay over. Next Saturday (12th) I am in London with the OU and the 26th too but other than that, I'm usually free. I hope you can come soon - we'll have a late joint birthday get together. Missing you. xxxxxxx
  10. He he. So keeping Sean's topic at the top. So what happened to the I Wood Do's? Gone..... all gone.... Just tried to swap your avvy back but no luck. Perhaps Doods will do it for you (and me - I loved that avvy!) Doods - you know the password - help!!! So Some July Hugs and some Sean Hugs for everyone to entice them back. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Ah Hi Babes. Sorry, been really busy these last two weeks - nassty 3,000 word essay to get out for yesterday. Still, gone now thankfully but next one in eight weeks. Missing you. 'specially when I had no-one to talk over my essay with. You'll find a hundred messages on your phone when you get it back! Oops. I hope you're about when I have to do my dissertation - not long to go now. So hope all is well in the US of A and you're about meeting mates and having fun. Love and miss you loads etc. LAKTU. xxxxxxx
  12. He he. Particularly as it is rumoured that Sean Bean is in search of a new wife!!!???
  13. Kevin is well thank you and keeping your bed warm for Saturday!
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