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  1. Really want Stranger Things cast, am really desperate for them to appear in The UK!!!!!
  2. Really hope it's David bradley, such a lovely man!
  3. I REALLY want the main cast of Stranger Things!!!!!
  4. Dr.1963

    Guest Suggestions

    I Agree to all of those.
  5. Dr.1963

    Guest Suggestions

    You lot make my day!!!
  6. Dr.1963

    Guest Suggestions

  7. Dr.1963

    Guest Suggestions

    I really want the main cast of Stranger Things, they've only had them ONCE in The UK, come on, Showmaster, you made Eccleston visit last year for his FIRST convention, please make it happen!!!!!
  8. Dr.1963

    Great Guests experiences

    My best guest experience so far, was back in March with Tom Baker, (the 4th person in line as he arrived) and he was such a lovely man, lovely conversation and i gave him a pack of jelly babies then gave me HIS PEN!!!!
  9. Dr.1963

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from Atypical, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Big finish and Stranger Things on Saturday would be marvelous!!?
  10. Dr.1963

    General Chat

    Let's hope Peter comes to this one because I would DEFENITELY pay to see him again, such a lovely man!!?
  11. Dr.1963

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Oh GOODIE!!!
  12. Dr.1963

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Will there be more guests @ 7 or was that it?
  13. Dr.1963

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Only one i want, but that was a briiliant guest, Gareth David Lloyd, here i come!!!!
  14. YESSS! I might need to book for sunday as well
  15. Dr.1963

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    PLEASE!!!!!! I NEED Sir Derek Jacobi!!! Please Showmasters!!!