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  1. Ah! That's helpful. Thanks :) I guess at least I got Sam Neil first haha!
  2. My guesses for LFCC show, The Rock (Humungous guest) and Jeff Goldblum and I'm hoping for Sam Neil also. Hopeful guesses but that's what I'd love. I'm holding you to my prize @Queen_Sindel if any are correct
  3. These guys are the ones I'd love! Al Matthews and Barbara Coles.
  4. This isn't a guest suggestion… but maybe the name of the event should be changed to CARDIFF FILM CON. There's not one comic guest in attendance? I'd love to get some good comic guests...
  5. Am I right in presuming there may be 2 Signings Slots, and one will be for Platinum A and one for Platinum B? or will it likely be just whenever A is done, B is let through? I am Platinum B is why I ask. Thanks.
  6. Well, I did it… splashed out and upgraded the golds to platinum's… I think i'd have a really hard time getting autographs otherwise.
  7. Can I please get confirmation that the PLATINUM passes are 100% secured for autographs without VT's? I am still somewhat confused why the GOLD passes aren't when it states it clearly in the FAQ section and I was advised this was the case, but please can somebody confirm in regards of Platinum tickets? Thank you.
  8. Unfortunately this is my exact point. The FAQ clearly says the above and that is the ONLY reason I spent £600 on 2 Gold Passes, which isn't pennies. To make it worse; I wasn't going for any photographs, just autographs from Benedict. I do not think this change is acceptable. This is what we were saying the other night QS. It does say in the FAQ that Golds do get queuing priority as Ripley posted above. If the Golds do have to get VQ's I think there will be a lot of extraordinarily peed off people as I don't think any of them know that. Whilst I have no legal knowledge at all it might also put Showmasters in an awkward position if they refuse the Golds priority queueing, particularly to Benedict, when it does say it on the FAQ. It might be considered a breach of contract.
  9. But Gold tickets get priority over VT numbers, correct? I purchased my ticket because of this information that I was told... Those with queuing priority in their packages (VIP, Platinum & Gold) will be called by ticket type and number, with all other attendees using the Virtual Queue system. In regards to autographs of course...
  10. Please keep the Hellraiser guests coming! :) Looks like it's going to be an awesome reunion.
  11. Minchb were you at Harrold Perrineaus table? I think I recognise you, I had the comic books with window holes cut out haha! :)
  12. So he's highly unlikely going to around tomorrow? Hope somebody can let me know tonight :)
  13. So do I have to attend the talk to get tickets for the Dave Gibbons signing? or can I just turn up at 4.00 and queue for the signing without attending the talk?
  14. It's completely normal to get the cover signed, that's what I do and most other people, but it's preference to what you want.
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