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  1. I know William Hope is a the LFCC but any chance of him attending another city - Sheffield, Glasgow or Newcastle perhaps?
  2. At a glance of the guest list, William Hope is the biggest guest at the con. I just wish he was attending Collectormania too.
  3. I really don’t think Harrison Ford would do a comic con, although he does do private signings. Stallone has done a couple of US cons so that rules him out.
  4. Any chance of any of these guests to be at Collectormania in June?
  5. Any chance of bringing Danny to Collectormania in June?
  6. Another bump for Ronee Blakley! Collectormania 2018 perhaps?
  7. Bump for Ronee Blakley. Pretty sure she’s now the only original Nightmare guest we haven’t had in the UK.
  8. Bump! Surely the only Terminator guest we haven’t had in the UK!!!
  9. Met him last time but if you got Gary Busey then that would be awesome!
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