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  1. No, no, no, that’s Bill and Ted, the TARDIS is a phone box! lol
  2. Granted, the chameleon circuit is fixed!
  3. And that’s 53 more than me.
  4. It was looking at me the wrong way, I tell ya!
  5. Happy Birthday, @Chris1970! And just for yours truly:
  6. .HA, as if! They're from Margate...
  7. I am also now following you in a totally non stalker-y kind of way.
  8. R4 has an insta. Maybe a Twitter, but I have a head like a ruddy sieve and can’t remember.
  9. Alright, mate, no need to make a mess in front of the fam!
  10. Or Eccleston... Or Smith... And let’s not forget Mr. Baker!
  11. In the same bed. PILLOW FIIIIIIIIIGHT!
  12. Pfft. Anyone can do that. Buss See?
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