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  1. Hmmmm, I don't see a Mat Fraser photo slot for Sunday.... I have one booked.... I'm guessing this is still an interim schedule? Or a mistake?
  2. Slightly disappointed there's no official cosplay photo slots on Saturday, but I guess it's a bit full then and if they squeezed a small one in it would be quite heavily over-subscribed...
  3. Random question, but I see on the schedule that their is time/space allocated for 'IT Kids - Singles' as well as the group photo, but I don't see availability to purchase single photo ops with any of the IT Kids guests....? I would be interested with one with Emily Perkins as already have a group photo with the others!
  4. Ok, I was being blind. I swear I searched for it on Facebook and nothing came up, but then did again just now, and lo and behold:
  5. Is it my imagination or was there a Stranger Things, Alphabet / Joyce's living room prop photo shoot announced? Now, I can't find any official reference to it anywhere. Am I being blind, mistaken or was it taken down?
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