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  1. Highs: meeting David Tennant and Matt Smith Lows: overselling of the Diamond passes for most of the guests
  2. I have to say well done for getting 8 of the Doctors on Sunday. I got my first ever Diamond Pass for Matt Smith, as always wanted to meet him and thought this was my only way to meet him. Then on Saturday I got overly excited when my mate, who was there on Saturday messaged me to let me know David Tennant was going as well. David has always been my favourite Doctor and always on top of my list of guests to meet, so I had to raid my savings to get a Diamond Pass for him as well. And they were both a joy to meet. I took my mate in with me to meet David for my autograph and he was very friendly and had a conversation with him for nearly a minute. And for his photo shoot, even though the queue was a bit chaotic to get in, it was worth it for the photo. I brought along a spare sonic screwdriver and was happy to pose as the Doctor for the photo, this made my day. For Matt Smith autograph, I still had a good conversation with him, even though they were trying to rush people though. Found him as well very friendly and got a fist bump from him as left his table. For his photo shoot, he was more than happy to pose with the sonic screwdriver as well. This made my photo shoots more memorable and worth the money I paid. Missed out Peter Capaldi and Christopher Eccleston, as couldn’t afford there Diamond passes as well and they didn’t get into VQ tickets. Hopefully will meet them again at a future Con. Although I did here good things from Peter Capaldi, how he was really making guests experience memorable and heard he stayed until nearly 7, due to the overselling of his Diamond Pass so everyone on it could get his autograph. That is truely a great guest. I did get to meet him on the photo shoot and was very friendly and happy to pose again as the Doctor holding the sonic screwdriver. All these 3 photos are so memorable. Overall I managed to get 5 Doctors (David Tennant, Matt Smith, David Bradley, Colin Baker and Paul McGann) to add to my TARDIS Pop from the 2 I already had (Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy). At the end of the day managed to get David Bradley to add to it as well as he had an open queue with no one in it. David Bradley was very friendly and had a conversation with him as well. Overall all I meet were great guests and made it even better
  3. I got David Tennant, Matt Smith, David Bradley, Colin Baker and Paul McGann autographs. I got then to add to my TARDIS Pop. I missed out on Peter Capaldi and Christopher Eccleston on the Sunday, as I did not have Diamond passes for these 2 guests, as already had Diamond passes for both David and Matt and couldn’t afford Diamond passes for them as well. Hopefully these 2 guests will be back at another Con in the future and Tom Baker to complete my collection.
  4. I want to say what a great guest Matt Lucas was on Sunday. Had a good chat with him at his table and he is just as funny in person as he is on TV. He even did his Little Britain catchphrase 'Yeah I Know', which made me laugh. Also it was great a member of staff happily took my phone and took photos while chatting to Matt and had a good photo with him at his table. Overall one of my highlights of the day!
  5. Went on Sunday, although I enjoyed myself and had a great day, I was a bit disappointed with Christopher Lloyd and David Bradley autograph queue lines. Christopher Lloyds queue was for diamond pass only nearly all day and the highest virtual queue tickets was 50! For David Bradley queue nearly most of the day the VQ was 20 and only got as high as 120! I missed a chance to meet both of these guests even though I got the VQ tickets first thing!
  6. Here are some of my highlights from my Twitter https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759775743723261952 https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759703633386610689 https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759762779536433154 https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/760191175273906177
  7. This has been my second year going to London Film and Comic Con. Last year I went on a Saturday with a few of my friends and had a bad experience With overcrowding, lack of space and bad experience at the photo sessions, so this year no one wanted to come, so went on my own on Sunday and had a better experience than the previous year. This year getting in was a lot quicker than the previous year. Last year I had to queue round the building to get in which lasted nearly 30 minute, this year got there at 9:10 and it only took 5 minutes to have my bags checked and ticket scanned and I was in. The next improvement was the better layout. Having it in both ground halls this year for the stalls and having them more space between them, made it easier to move around. Also having all the guests together on one floor made it easier to meet them, rather than the previous year where they were on different floors. This year I got autographs from Michael Emerson and Paul McGann, who were both friendly and we're happy to have a photo with them. Also I had a photo session with Jeremy Renner. This was the best photo I have had with a guest at one of these conventions. Although it was brief, he said "Hey man, how are you" as I approached him and I replied "Hello, pleasure to meet you". He put his arm round me, which I did the same. After this experience I have to say Jeremy Renner has to be the best guest Showmasters has got. I will definitely be back next year, hopefully with more of my friends so I can share my experiences with them too.
  8. I went on Sunday and wasn't planning to get any autographs, but decided to get Michael Emerson autograph as he's queue was short at the time and I enjoyed him on Lost. He was very friendly and had a little chat to him. After he had signed my autograph, I asked if I could have a photo with him, which he was happy to do. Overall a top guest and exceeded my expectations, well done Showmasters. Here is a link from my Twitter if the photo and autograph https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759703633386610689
  9. Only decided to have a photo with Jeremy Renner for Sunday the night before after reading all the positive comments on Twitter from people who meet him on Saturday and have to say I'm glad I did. Over the last few years I have had many photos at these conventions, some of them been good, some not so good, but this photo was the best one I have ever had. Although it was brief, he was very friendly. When I walked up to him, he said "Hey man how are you" which I replied "Hello, pleasure to meet you". He put his arm round me, which I did the same. After the photo as I left I said "thank you so much" and replied by saying bye. So happy with how the photo turned out, having trouble uploading it on here so putting a link to Twitter where I put it up https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759775743723261952 . Overall well done Showmasters for bringing in a great guest.
  10. Had photos with Jeremy Renner, Michael Emerson and Paul McGann. All of them were friendly. Having trouble uploading the photos on here, so have attached links to them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759775743723261952 https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759703633386610689 https://twitter.com/prchambers/status/759762779536433154
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