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  1. I don't know if I'll cosplay this year. Still thinking whether to reuse a costume or make sth new. Old candidates are Eowyn, BSG crewmember, and Hogwarts student, although the first and the last of these will be rather hot so it depends on the weather. If there's a heatwave like last year, BSG is the only choice! For a new costume I was thinking of Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan), but again might be too hot for summer. I am still considering...
  2. Or you can join the virtual queue to get an autograph. However if you get a very high number there is a chance your number won't come up and you won't get an autograph. Only guaranteed way to meet him is to buy a photoshoot or a diamond pass.
  3. I know :-( I was hoping for the same thing last year, but they never announced a talk. Maybe next time he comes showmasters could get him to do a talk *wink wink*?
  4. Can't you get him to do a talk so people who can't afford an autograph can sort of meet him?
  5. Don't know where they are on the website; they don't seem to be in the comic zone section. However, here is the announcement from Facebook: -------------------------------- LONDON FILM AND COMIC CON PANEL SCHEDULE: FRIDAY 11AM: DARK KNIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: Comics aren’t just about the future, they’re also about the past. Join Alison Brown of the Cartoon Museum and Russell Payne of the Jack Kirby Museum as they talk to Historian and Editor Tim Pilcher about the work that they do to ensure that people remember the comics of yesteryear. Alison Brown (The Cartoon Museum), Russell Payne (The Jack Kirby Museum), Tim Pilcher (How Comics Work) 12PM: WHITE NOISE STUDIOS: Emerging creative studio White Noise discuss their creative process, how they survive and thrive in a difficult industry, and touch on some of the exciting projects they have coming up. Alex Paknadel (Doctor Who, Arcadia), Dan Watters (Lucifer, The Shadow), Ryan O'Sullivan (Warhammer 40K, Void Trip), Casper Wijngaard (Star Wars, Deadpool) Ram V (Quake Champions, Black Mumba). Moderator: Dan Hart 1PM LUNCH 2PM: CREATING WORLDS FOR CHILDREN: From established names like THE BEANO and THE DANDY to more recent additions like THE PHOENIX and Panini’s range of magazines, children’s comics have never been better. Our panellists discuss the pros and cons of working in a Children’s world. Jess Bradley (The Phoenix), Cowgirl Em (The Beano), Yasmin Sheikh (Luna The Vampire, LEGO), Grant Perkins (Penguins of Madagascar), Lew Stringer (The Beano, Doctor Who). 3PM: FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR: With Horror enjoying a resurgence in film, TV and literature, what is it about the medium of comics that works so well with horror? Join our panel as they discuss what scares them, and what they like to create to scare you… Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Gyula Nemeth (The Mountains of Madness), Enrica Eren Angiolini (Thirst of Dracula), David Lloyd (Hellblazer). Moderator: David Leach (Titan Hammer Books Editor) 4PM: I AM THE DOCTOR: For almost fifty-five years now, Doctor Who has been a mainstay of British entertainment. Join our panel of Doctor Who creators, including one-time Script Editor of Doctor Who, and now writer of the current 7th Doctor series Andrew Cartmel, as they discuss the past, present and future of the comics, books and upcoming games involving this Time Lord! Christopher Jones, Andrew Cartmel, Jeff Cummins, Mike Collins. Moderator: Antony McGarry-Thickitt (Geek Syndicate) 5PM: SPOTLIGHT – DAN SLOTT: A creator of comics for decades, and one of the longest Spider Man writers in history, Dan is now writing both iron Man and the Fantastic Four for Marvel. join Dan as he talks to Dan Hart about his career. SATURDAY 10AM: THE ‘METAL HEROES’ OF COMICS: From Transformers to War Machine, Robotech to Citizen Steel and Iron Man to Colossus, Metal Superheroes have been a mainstay since the very beginning. Our panel of ‘Metal’ experts talk about why robots, exo-suits and metallised mutants are as popular now as they ever were. Simon Furman (Transformers, Robotech), Geoff Senior (Transformers, Death’s Head), Dan Slott (Iron Man, Silver Surfer), Liam Shalloo (Transformers), Kev Hopgood (War Machine). Moderator: Dan Hart. 11AM: THE SUPERHERO SHOW: With so many different types of comics available, sometimes it’s easy to forget that superhero comics have been around for over eighty years now. Join our panel as they discuss why the super hero has stayed fresh for generations. Kieron Gillen (Iron Man), Daniel Sampere (Injustice 2, JLA), Jorge Jiménez (Superman, Justice League), Sara Pichelli (Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy), Alison Sampson (Jessica Jones), Christopher Jones (Young Justice). Moderator: Irma Page 12PM: STAR WARS: A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY: For over fifty years, Star Wars has been sci-fi royalty. With new movies bringing in billions, and a new generation of fans reading the comics and watching spin off shows like Rebels, our panel discuss why Star Wars is more popular than ever. Kieron Gillen (Star Wars, Dr Aphra), Casper Wijngaard (Star Wars, Deadpool), Simon Myers (Doctor Who, Star Wars Insider), Arianna Florean (Star Wars, Doctor Who), Martin Fisher (Star Wars: Rebels). Moderator: Mark Newbold (Star Wars Insider) 1PM LUNCH 2PM: VERTIGO COMICS – The First 25 Years: for a generation now DC’s Vertigo imprint has trailblazed across the comics spectrum, creating comic icons such as John Constantine, Preacher, Sandman and Fables among many others. Join this panel of Vertigo creators and ex-Vertigo editors as they discuss the imprint’s past, present and future. Tim Pilcher (ex-Vertigo Editor), Dan Watters (Lucifer), Rachael Stott (Motherlands), Mark Buckingham (Fables, Sandman), Frazer Irving (Hellblazer), David Lloyd (V For Vendetta, Hellblazer). Moderator: Irma Page 3PM: DAN SLOTT / SARA PICHELLI - A ‘FANTASTIC TWO’: With the upcoming Fantastic Four #1 already looking to break Marvel pre-sale records, join writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli as they discuss with moderator Steven Lacey (The Fantasticast podcast) the creative process of the book, as well as the highs and lows of revamping a well-loved franchise. 4PM: THE CHANGING FACES OF DOCTOR WHO: With the 13th Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) about to hit our screen, meet the female creators who work on the franchise – including some of the new, all-female team of the upcoming 13th Doctor series as they talk about their love for the series, their paths to the book, and the changing ‘face’ in Doctor Who. Rachael Stott (Doctor Who, Star Trek), Arianna Florean (Doctor Who, Star Wars), Giorgia Sposito (Doctor Who, Wonderland), Enrica Eren Angiolini (Doctor Who, Warhammer 40k), Claudia Ianniciello (Doctor Who, Sherlock), Verity Glass (Doctor Who, Torchwood). Moderator: Amy-Jayne McGarry-Thickitt (Birds of Geek, Geek Syndicate) 5PM: HEAVY METAL: Join CEO/Owner of Heavy Metal Jeff Krelitz and a host of special guests on stage as we learn what the future holds for this classic magazine! Expect surprises – in 2017 we had Fantastic Beasts star Dan Fogler turn up on stage – who knows who’ll be there this year! SUNDAY 10AM: MARKOSIA ENTERTAINMENT: Since 2004 Markosia have strived to be one of the top UK independent publishers in the business, with creators that had their early starts there including Tony Lee, Ryan Stegman and Fiona Staples among others. Join Special Projects co-ordinator G.M Jordan alongside some current and future creators, as they discuss some upcoming titles – and every attendee gets a limited edition signed A3 poster of Dark Lines of London! Stephen Saleh, Mariela Malova, Haydn Pryce-Jenkins, Tony Lee, Christopher Jones, G.M Jordan. 11AM: WORKING IN OTHER MEDIUMS: Whether it be games, TV, music or film, our panellists discuss the differences in working in comics while working in other areas. Dan Slott (Spider Man, Iron Man), Amrit Birdi (Username: Evie), Simon Furman (Transformers), Andrew Cartmel (Doctor Who), Sonia Leong (Assassin’s Creed, Manga Shakespeare). Moderator: Olly MacNamee (Comicon.com) 12PM: 30 YEARS OF TANK GIRL: It’s hard to believe, but Tank Girl has been around for three decades now! Celebrate the anniversary in style, with Tank Girl creator Alan Martin, and Tank Girl artists Brett Parson and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Moderator: Chris J. Thompson 1PM LUNCH 2PM: TITAN COMICS: Join Titan Brand Manager Chris J. Thompson and a host of creators as they discuss some of the recent releases by Titan Comics, as well as giving some sneak previews of some upcoming titles! James Peaty (Doctor Who, Supergirl), Enrica Eren Angiolini (Doctor Who, Warhammer 40k), Paulina Vassileva (Rivers of London), Tom Williams (Titan Editor). Moderator: Chris J. Thompson 3PM: SPOTLIGHT – STEVE NILES: best known for his 30 Days of Night series, Steve has worked in comics for almost thirty years, writing legends such as Batman, Spawn, The Creeper and Superman among others, although he’s recently known for his darker comics Winebago Graveyard and The October Faction. Join Steve as he talks to David Hine (Batman, Spawn) about his career. 4PM: 80 YEARS OF THE BEANO: Since 1938, children around the world have been entertained by the adventures of characters like Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger, The Bash Street Kids and Bananaman, among many others. Join our panel of Beano creators as they talk about why the book has survived the test of time! Nigel Parkinson, Cowgirl Em, Danny Pearson, Lew Stringer, Henry Davies.
  6. On Friday you will have to queue to get the wristband, but on the other days you just show it and get through if you arrive after opening time. You just have to have a quick bag inspection and then you're in. If you arrive at 9:30 e.g., you don't have to queue around the building.
  7. In the official FAQ it said 10 pounds. They used to be 5 pounds, but last year the Big Band Theory set was 10 pounds and I think they decided to ramp both of them up this year.
  8. I don't think you can get a definite estimate on what batches will be called for the morning shoot. It depends how many DP, GP and low-batch people go for the morning shoot. So you can only guess in advance.
  9. You can get a refund/exchange if there is such a serious clash that it would be impossible to go to both. Got a refund on a talk first year I came for that reason.
  10. This seems like a tough one. And they are all short photo shoots. Any chance you can exchange one of the photo shoots for another day (provided you have booked to come another day)? You should be able to exchange/get a refund since there is such a serious clash.
  11. I'd suggest trying Arthur Darvill first, since his ends at 10, then Matt Smith, then Christopher Eccleston.
  12. It's the Cylons! They are attacking the BSG guests!
  13. Oh no! Both my and my friend were looking forward to meeting her!
  14. I use this tool which converts jpg to pdf, but the pictures are so big I don't know if they will be readable if I print them in 1 page. May have to cut the pictures in 2 to make 2 separate pages for each.
  15. There's always a chance of updates, so I'd say wait to print at the last moment before you go, and check again on the days of the con. That's what I'll do.
  16. Unfortunately this is true. It will be easier in the talk areas and also on the 2nd floor where the YALC takes place.
  17. That might be risky as most tickets are sold out, so probably adult tickets are also low.
  18. Just glad I didn't go for the Harry Potter cosplay I was considering initially! I would have had to carry my robe around or risk getting heatstroke by wearing it!
  19. I am really worried about the heat, too. Seems the jacket I have for my cosplay will have to be tied around my waist permanently!
  20. And you only pay when you get close to the guest's desk for the actual autograph. So you could collect virtual tickets for 10 guests and only go to 1, since you don't pay until you go for the autograph. You may need to queue early if you want autographs for popular guests; if you get a very high VT number it may not be called on the day. Also you can go any time after your number is called. So for example if you have number 100 and they are calling 1-200, you can go, you don't miss your turn.
  21. I have a Dark room talk and an Aidan Turner batch 5 photoshoot on Sunday. If I'm not called for the morning photoshoot, I will have 20 minutes after the end of the talk to make the afternoon photo shoot. Should I leave the talk early to be safe? What are my chances of missing the photo shoot, do you think?
  22. I think you're probably right. I've been eagerly awaiting the schedule these last few days so that'll be good!
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