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  1. Is anyone finding it odd how less than a week before Sheffield Film Comic Con, there would appear to be no more guest announcements? Last 2 cons there's been 10 - 12 guests appearing each day. Whereas at the moment there is only 7 guests for Saturday and only 3 for Sunday? Surely there must be more being announced, last minute bit odd but otherwise anyone going Sunday (including myself pending outcome of this) would be bit annoyed having payed out to go round stalls and meet 3 film/tv guests.
  2. Please tell me the Olympia venue A. Actually has air conditioning and B. Will be turned on to max during this heatwave I have been to previous cons where there hasn't been any air con, not fun!
  3. Sorry, as in if I have DP for both of them, will I definitely get through the AM photoshoot?
  4. Will the Diamond Passes DEFINITELY all go through the AM slot (as in there won't be too many so some might have to do the PM slot)?
  5. That's fine, so if say for my Matt Smith DP if I miss the DP Auto call out cause of photo clashes and when I go to his table, if there's a queue of VQ I still get put in front of the person seeing him currently?
  6. Been told couple answers to this if anyone can confirm please :) When going to Diamond Pass autograph table, if they're already doing VQ tickets, do you get fast tracked to front of the queue or added to the back without needing a VQ ticket?
  7. Right so for Sunday I have: Matt Smith Diamond Pass, Peter Capaldi Panel (Diamond Priority), Matt Smith TARDIS Photo (Batch 1), Peter & Pearl Joint photo (Batch 1) and Christopher Eccleston TARDIS photo (Batch 1). My question is this, is that possible to do in the timescale?
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