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  1. I don't know if he's done one before, but Billy Zane was in Biff's gang
  2. Another Bond guest who was also in Stargate Universe, Once Upon A Time and cult classics like Trainspotting and The Full Monty...would be ideal. As much as this would be fantastic (I've met him and he's lovely) he's in Vancouver filming OUAT right now so he might not have time in his schedule for London I was thinking of the 28 Weeks Later connection too, but looks like it won't be him if he's in Vancouver. My next guess is Hank Azaria. Not long to wait now!
  3. Maybe it could be Paul Bettany, he's British and ties in with Jeremy Renner
  4. For me, the main issues were with the diamond pass. The prop photos included were scheduled at the same times as other things included with the diamond pass on the Saturday and Sunday, so I didn't couldn't get one of them. Everything included in the pass should be scheduled at separate times so you can get everything easily. My Return to the Future was not the size I ordered and I was offered a Freddie Kruger one instead. This shouldn't have happened when I'd provided my size and I now have an XL which I can't use. Diamond pass holders should have a separate photo shoot to the people with just photo tickets. Ask for diamonds at 1pm for example and standard photos at 2pm so people can carry on with their day without waiting around for diamond pass holders to be done.
  5. I used the main staircase on a number of occasions on Saturday and Sunday and couldn't believe the amount of people stopping on the stairs to start taking photos of the ground floor when there were hundreds of people behind them waiting. I was stuck behind one woman who took about ten photos from different angles while the queue was backing up. This doesn't help when you're rushing to get somewhere after you've been sent to the wrong place (twice) by the crew. In photo area A, the crowd was huge and wouldn't back away as people were scared of missing the message calling their batch up. It was very noisy and the crew member was difficult to hear. Surely a PA system would help people to get the right info instead of a small white board. At one point it was so congested you couldn't move anywhere, and Colin Baker was stood in the middle of the crowd looking around as if he didn't know what to do. What sort of impression is this having on the guests, not just the paying public. `Maybe instead of paying for hotels for the crew volunteers, that money could be used to employ temporary event staff who have a couple of days training before the event starts. LFCC is so big now that the organisers should want the best possible team.
  6. I had a Michael J Fox Diamond pass and really enjoyed being able to meet him as I never thought I'd get the opportunity. From my experience over the weekend though, I think there are some changes that could be made to make life simpler for the people who buy them (and those who don't) Prop photos I wasn't there on Friday but on Saturday when the clock photo included in the pass was scheduled, this was at the same time as Michael's photoshoot so I couldn't go. I then had the opportunity to go back for it at 15.20 - mid way through Michael's talk. When the prop photos are sold as part of the pass package, surely they should be scheduled at different times to other things included as part of the pass, and be available for longer times. The same thing happened today when the second tombstone shoot started when the BTTF cast reunion talk was on. I couldn't attend the morning session because of another photoshoot so didn't get this photo at all. T shirts Despite me emailing the shop to tell them my t shirt size and them then emailing me weeks later to ask for my size, when I went to collect it, my size was not available and I was given an XL or could have a Robert England one in my size. This wouldn't happen if it asked for the t shirt size when ordering the pass as people couldn't miss/ignore the email asking for sizes. They didn't even ask for my name or anything when I collected it. Michael's photo shoot I made sure I got to Photo area A in plenty of time for the shoot at 12pm, however so did about 1000 other people who were all stood around waiting for their number to be called. I overheard some people with standard photo tickets saying there shouldn't be Diamond passes as it's causing a bigger queue. That wouldn't happen if they had a separate Diamond pass photo shoot for an hour the same way as Michael had a specific signing time. The people with normal photo tickets then wouldn't have such a long, frustrating wait and could come at another time and start from batch one. Just ask for Diamonds at 12pm for example and standard tickets at 1pm - people can then carry on looking around/getting autographs and won't gather in the area for ages. Talks Diamond pass holders should be on the front row. I think there should also be the opportunity for everyone with a Diamond pass to get everything on one day and not just assume that people can attend for all 3 days when they have work commitments etc. I know this isn't possible when there are two talks like there were for this.
  7. Diamond passes are still, I believe, being posted out, so you should receive a badge in the mail. Diamond Passes are the only items still being physically posted, yes. Thanks. Sorry one more question, do I get to choose which of the photo shoots I go to or is just the standard one with Michael on his own included? Ideally I'd like the one with the Delorean
  8. When I get to the venue, do I need to go somewhere to collect an actual pass or is the paper ticket all you need to access everything? Not had a diamond pass before so not sure how it works
  9. It really was an absolute waste of £20. Firstly, people started queuing inside Earls Court in the stage area, only to then be told the building had to be cleared first and then people had to come back in. We were then sent to the back of another queue outside - no idea how anyone knew this queue even existed unless from their experience the previous year. There were no announcements about ticket numbers in the queue, and it was gone 7pm when a group of people walked towards the back saying they'd been told to go to the back so that people with a lower ticket number would get in first. This was never communicated by a member of staff though. A very quiet crew member was letting people in by number group and finally a man in the queue shouted out the numbers so that the people behind had a clue what was happening. When we got in, each row had a number on it anyway, but none of the tickets were checked to make sure people went to the right seats. Some people obviously sat wherever they wanted anyway, as people came to sit on our row and there were no seats left. The host just loved the sound of his own voice and the competition and piñata just dragged the start out even longer. When the guests were announced, I still thought that someone extra was going to come in as a surprise, and it took a few minutes to realise that was it. The 3 guests really had nothing to do with the episode, which is probably why they didn't have much to say about it apart from making fart jokes. Couldn't really hear the guests or the episode, and overall was really disappointed by it. Finally got out just before 9pm - through the doors we hadn't been allowed out through earlier in the day!
  10. I had a photoshoot with Christopher on Saturday morning and as I walked towards him he was smiling and said hi to me and seemed happy to be there I went over to meet him for his autograph just before lunch time on Saturday and although he did smile at me he was mainly looking down to sign my DVD and photo. I asked him to personalise the photo and as he was doing this, a lady crew member came over shouting at him "no personalisations" and he said to her "i know, I promise I won't do it again" Although I was really happy that he did personalise my photo, I got the impression that he was just being made to sit and sign Still it was amazing to meet Christopher the man is a legend
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