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  1. My online order fell through and I've been left high and dry. I'm looking to get these two posters signed tomorrow so can anyone out there bring them for me? I took a look around at the con this afternoon but couldn't find anything. I'll pay handomsly! If they've got some other autographs on that's ok too - i'm sure we can work something out. Thanks in advance
  2. The venue certainly was empty! I'd estimate 15-20% of the attendance on Saturday. Even Mayhew had no line after about 45 minutes.
  3. Please could you let us know whether he will be upstairs or downstairs?
  4. Any tips on where to park near the venue? I know that street parking in Brighton is a nightmare. Willing to pay if I have to, although free would be ideal!
  5. Double Post. Please delete.
  6. This is the Star Wars event, right? If so PLEASE get Frank Oz, James Earl Jones or George Lucas! One can dream..
  7. Wow that's nuts! So his signature was 3x more expensive based on what was already on there? I understand things like charging for words on dedications but that just seems ridiculous!
  8. "APOLLO 11 COMPLETION ARMSTRONG ALONE OR BOTH ARMSTRONG AND COLLINS £915" Does this mean that he had photos on his table that had already been signed by Armstrong & Collins that he added his autograph too? If so do you think that will be happening this time around?
  9. It's pretty limited even if you're in to Star Wars to be honest!
  10. It might as well be cancelled now given what remains of the lineup!
  11. So.. is there any chance at all of getting a refund on my Saturday entry ticket?
  12. On what basis? Right now the con is looking like a wash out.
  13. Absolutely gutted. No reason at all for me to come now and ideally I'd like a refund but I can't see Showmasters providing that
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