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  1. Laurenx

    Guest Suggestions

    After meeting Robert Glenister yesterday at LFCC, I’d quite like to see some more Hustle related guests! Particularly Adrian Lester, Marc Warren and Jaime Murray :) Any OUAT guests, Supernatural guests, or Harry Potter stars would also be fab!
  2. Yeah, the queuing was mad wasn’t it! At least we got there in the end I think it was one of the craziest queuing experiences I’ve had at a convention in years!! But at least it was my last photo session that day!
  3. Hey! I think I met you in the Tom Felton photo queue on Sunday (it was so manic!)... I was in front and melting in the heat and we chatted for a bit! I'm sorry to hear you had bad news on the Friday, but glad you were able to enjoy your weekend at LFCC.
  4. Somehow I missed this announcement but I saw it on the website - my dad is really excited to meet Steve Bull again, he's such a nice guy and awesome sports guest :)
  5. Awesome new guest, I'm gonna be so poor after this event...!
  6. Only just realised that Sharni had been announced while I was looking through the website working out my con budget! Yay, awesome surprise! Looking forward to meeting her :)
  7. Fantastic announcement!! Can't wait to meet her!
  8. Yay, awesome guest! She's lovely, looking forward to meeting her again
  9. I missed this announcement so don't have too long to wait now! I'm not even going to try and guess cos I never get it right, but looking forward to the announcement.
  10. Laurenx

    Latest guest announcement Robert Knepper

    OH. MY. GOD. In all my Norman Reedus excitement, I completely missed this! AWESOME GUEST!! Thanks SM
  11. Just bought my photo shoot tickets - I'm more than happy to pay £30. He's an amazing guest, and I'm just so happy that he's been announced at all, seeing as it's so close to the event. What a fab surprise! I can't wait for LFCC now
  12. Fantastic guest announcement! Thank you thank you thank you! Can't wait for this event - it's gonna be so awesome
  13. Great guest! Shame I'm only there on the Saturday! Met him at CM and he's lovely :)