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  1. We had a couple of stand outs and they cancelled. How can show masters justify the price increase. First con we had Brian Blessed, Robert Englund, Lance Henrickson and even some big comic names like James W Barr. This time we got nothing like that, not even a Dr Who
  2. I did not post this, wtf? There's already a few topics and posts about this on the forum. I also sent you an e-mail explaining. Please check the e-mail you are registered with. Thanks QS, as long as it's in hand.
  3. How about Garrett Wang or Jonathon Frakes for Cardiff too?
  4. Yeah, but you can sell them to other fans, or on a secondary market. A can't think of many events where you can't sell them on or transfer them at all?
  5. Been wanting her to make an appearance back on the scene here for ages! A much sought after sig to add to my poster. :)
  6. He signed for free last time but he also offered COA's to go with whatever you had signed which were £3, these he also signed. Completely optional but a nice addition I thought. As far as his artwork, he had limited edition signed prints which ranges between £25-£40 if I remember right, and his original hand drawn sketches in his portfolio was £100+ for some of The Crow stuff.
  7. Is he attending all weekend, it says above Saturday, but photo shoots are for Saturday and Sunday? Apologies if this has been confirmed elsewhere already.
  8. Met him previously and he was really chatty, signed my The Crow Graphic novel and I bought a nice lithographic print of some artwork, spoke for a while about the new stories he's involved in, really nice guest to meet.Good to see him back.
  9. Altogether, including gold passes, travel, accommodation, food, 4 x photo shoots, 9 autographs, 1 Game of thrones screening ticket (which I gave away to a girl I didn't know) 2 T-shirts, 2 books, and 1 entry into a raffle... £1530. Woulda been more if Natalie Dormer and Peter Mayhew hadn't cancelled.
  10. yeah I probably was then, I only started counting as I was curious as to what he had as it was obviously gonna cost a lot, but it was just multiples of various images. I doubt they were even selling them all at the show. I don't have a problem with somebody wanting to earn a living and do well for themselves, but when it's maybe stopping someone who's come to enjoy a once in a Lifetime opportunity to meet a guest they admire, it just doesn't seem fair. We've all paid to get there and get in, I just think everyone should get a fair chance, and I appreciate it doesn't happen for everybody but dealers with that amount of items just doesn't help with making an enjoyable experience, which ultimately is what Showmasters apparently want us to have. They do a pre order for autographs if you can't make it and wanna send something in, why couldn't they just add dealers to that example if they want a vast amount of items signed. There are a lot of things that could be changed for future large events, but they're not really major things or that hard to achieve if they just take on board the feedback from the past few days, and I really hope they do as with a few adjustments LFCC could be something very impressive... we shall wait and see.
  11. I was in the very first few people to meet Ian on Sunday morning,once he arrived he seemed in good spirits, right up until the first person in the queue pulled out literally a pile of photos (I counted up to 30) for him to sign. It was obvious he was a dealer and you could see Ian weren't best pleased about it, yet nobody from SM said a word, in fact they were joking about it with him. Fortunately after he left Ian was ok again and was a pleasure to meet, but when your snaked shoulder to shoulder in a small box with no air con and you've just handed over a fair amount of money, while someone's basically abusing the system to make money themselves is pretty f*****g annoying!
  12. Yeah I think you can only buy one if you've had something signed and they stick it on for you to prove its genuine. I would be very surprised if u can pick these stickers anywhere else, they say "Authentic Stan Lee Excelsior approved" I guess it's as good as a COA. I thought it was a nice addition anyway.
  13. At the end of his table there was someone from his group putting them on, this was Saturday, you did have to pay £5 but I'm glad I got one.
  14. My favourite guest was one I hadn't originally intended to meet, and I'm so glad I did, Milo Ventimiglia. I had decided I would surprise my sister and try and get a personalised pic from him as she loves the dude but was too ill to attend, when I met him after handshakes and introductions I asked if he would mind signing "to Lisa" and I explained she was going through a bit of a rough time lately and she was a big fan, he instantly looked concerned and asked what was wrong, I explained and he said of course he would, then just as he was about to start writing he stopped and looked at me and said, "why don't you let me give her a call" I was like, really? He said yes he wanted to speak to her, he then got me to ring her, not sure if she would answer and he said it was cool if she doesn't he would leave a voicemail! She answered and I passed over the phone where he then went on to speak to her for a good few minutes while I stood there kinda gobsmacked but also excited for my little sister. After he passed the phone back I couldn't thank him enough, I was truly grateful, he then asked for the phone back so he could take a selfie of us! Milo your a legend and made a sad girl very happy. Best guest I've met for sure.
  15. He was really nice, took the Time to introduce himself to me and my girlfriend (as if he needed to!), shake our hands, and asked where I would like him to sign my Return of the Jedi picture. He complimented on my "fight for the Empire" T-shirt which was cool. No rushed signature, very polite and friendly, great guest.
  16. Will I regret saying "me"? ahh the murder mystery dude, if only all crew were as jovial and friendly as yourself.
  17. I agree, none of it was Stan Lee's fault, hope I'm still as sprightly if I ever make it to 92! And in the end I just felt like he should just be allowed to go have a rest and not push him so much, at the end of the day it would be great for everyone to meet him but surely his welfare comes first. The comic gold pass being created purely based on his appearance was originally a good idea I thought, yet I coulda done exactly the same with a normal gold. It just didn't live up to its promotion.
  18. I always go gold, but with the promise of a VIP drinks reception/meet and greet with Stan Lee, and exclusive items in the goodie bag, I chose the comic gold. No exclusive items at all, despite there being some limited exclusive items being sold (one being a stan lee celebration book limited to 250, maybe that coulda been included) and the VIP meet and greet turned into a standard on stage q and a. Don't get me wrong I was in no false hope of having some sit down chat with the man, in fact after the long days the guy had I think it was in his best interest the way it was finally done, but if that's what it was gonna come to then don't try and sell it as something different. As for the goodie bag it was pathetic, some stuff they had left over, at least when I go standard gold pass the auto pack has some value even though it's not the whole reason I buy one, which leads me to my next point, queuing, the main perk of the gold pass for me is not having to, this time I had to argue with several rude crew members about the comic gold still giving you this advantage go join the shorter gold queue at photo shoots and not needing a VT, I was told on several occasions "your pass gets you stan lee and that's it" well, no it doesn't otherwise I wouldn't have spent £400 on two of them. I saw on the forum others had this problem on Friday and they were assured this would be rectified on Saturday yet it was the case all weekend with some crew. Whilst I did get done what I wanted, none of it was an enjoyable experience, I understand how busy stan lee and the other guests would be, but I didn't go there to be screamed and shouted at like some military camp, to be told abruptly "no this no that, you can't do this, you can't breathe or fart" yes I understand rules and I can read,and quite happy to follow them if it keeps things happy for everyone. It was an event I had looked forward to for a long time, yet it's become the worst iv ever experienced which is a shame as I usually praise SM. I realise this is a business to make money, however it was obvious by Saturday that it had become more about greed and squeezing every penny out of fans, far more than the experience,enjoyment and welfare of them. I had a lot more money to spend, but in the end I just didn't wanna be there anymore. So maybe it's time to take a different business approach. I won't be going to Lfcc again without some drastic changes.
  19. It was certainly unusual but I guess I had a fun time. A very unique event. Maybe it'll become a bigger thing eventually. Tony Head was great. I attended the meet and greet with Stan Lee but left after that and before the actual awards started, now I'm intrigued to what it actually involved!??
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