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  1. As Jason says It's quicker for one person to get 20 things signed, than for twenty to get 1 each. Every autograph can count when it comes to making back the guest's fee. If one person in front of you puts down 20 items and isn't interested in small talk with the guest, it can be a good chance for you to steal a few words. So they sell 3 extra autographs, at a lower cost. I very much doubt that the margins are that tight, to be commercially viable. I'd perfer them just to be clear and say its all about making more profit. (as with everything else seemingly in LFCC) For most 'big guests', the general public on the whole don't get a handshake, or anything other than 'hello'. It's over in a few seconds. A dealer to move through multiple prints would warrant interaction, and some care taken so not to damage any of the prints. I bet that it actually takes longer than two regular people.
  2. I was thinking the same, almost every weekend he's somewhere. I guess the tv work has dried up.
  3. If the star can only autograph a number of items during a day, and all that time is spent meeting the 'public'. I can't honestly see how dealers (buying 5 autographs as quoted), are so important to make or break any deal. I also would assume that these dealers weren't paying the same prices at the public either. If I was buying in bulk, I'd want to negotiate a deal. So when a guest is high profile, and guaranteed to sign all day. Why are we giving them preferential treatment?. I think that we've been told only half of the 'facts'.
  4. farmer


    If we're doing Bond guests - can we have Papillion Soo Soo again please.... :)
  5. Do you really need me to qoute prices at you again, to prove my point?. My points raised are based on substance, unlike yours which are bizzarely just bitter and twisted moans and now boarder on 'forum stalking' I'm sure you've got better things to do than follow me around an internet forum. But then..... I guess you haven't.
  6. I have no problem paying big bucks for autographs. Collecting Apollo autographs really isn't a cheap game. I just want to pay a fair price. I really can't be bothered to go through the argument on the other thread, but there was some logic to my complaint. Read it all back, and you'll understand. Edit : To not break the rules.
  7. Which is £11.70. Which again is cheaper. There seems to be a theme running here.
  8. Thanks Robert. The price is $65 which is £38.02. This is their autograph service, so perhaps the show fee will be even less.
  9. It’s a myth that American prices are higher. In many cases they are consistently cheaper. For example Stan is 15-20 pounds cheaper during an appearance in the next couple of weeks, and the volume of autographs sold will be vastly smaller than it was in London. You claim it’s because of airfares, but an airfare between 2,000 – 3,000 people really isn’t that much of a difference. Airfares and hotels are also fairly consistant, year on year. (Again, you and I have no knowledge of how much it costs to rent an arena) Please back up your claims with some figures.
  10. This is when I get muddled with some of your claims David. With respect, 99.9% of people here are unaware of the exact costs involved, as we have no access to the fee's that the guests charge. So how can any of us categorically state that the guests prices are rising, and therfore comment. I suspect that you too even though you have some status fall into this category. I also suspect that the profit from last week was huge!. It was a great weekend for Showmasters. Surly any business in profit could in theory reduce prices?, its just unlikely.
  11. Can you give me anymore details about the guy who makes the plaques. I think they look really good.
  12. Did somebody say that it wasn't actually 'random' Somebody actually chose the numbers. How does anybody actually guarantee that specific numbers weren't magically listed because they were friends..... Even that bit doesn't even strike me as fair, or well managed.
  13. Even when my football team were in the non-leauge they had a better sound system for their fans forums, than multimilion pound Showmasters have for paid talks - and believe it or not fans hold their microphones in various ways too. With no disrispect intended. Isn't it time they employed full-time professionals to do things like this, as opposed to running it on a shoe string with volenteers. It's time to get a bit more professional, and invest some money into some serious kit.
  14. Buuuuuuut some people don't want a photoshoot, and some don't want an autograph. So in effect, you're forcing the photoshoot collectors to take an autograph, and the autograph collectors to take a photograph. There are only so many autograph slots a day. Why waste them on people who don't want them?
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