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  1. I've got some footage, but i wonder if showmasters would be interested in it! ah, mainly cam stuff but convention footage none the less.
  2. Hmmm who are the ladies dressed like Chun Li and Cammy. they look cute!
  3. Bwah hahah ha ha ha. Enough already. Please Please bub why say that yet do it yourself. Or do you only read and see what you quote/pimptalk the hell you're on about, yourself to others? in laymans terms look at what you have done before you get all high and mighty with quote/pimptalk. Surprise you? sigh, i actually thought you had some basic intelligence but you like to turn this into piracy Vs megafan when it truly isn't about me. but your inability to comprehend a discussion without not liking the other guy so i'll make it about him cos he shoots me down, and argues his points
  4. You wish? Larson owns the film rights not the TV rights to Battlestar Galactica! So it won't ever be that crappy new one with glowing backs, sex changed characters, cheesy rip off remake with stolen story ideas from the classic series and humans playing Cylons. Glen Larson liked his original Battlestar better. and hopes to get this one done over a few year's time. Movie based on the new one. Hah what a kidder.... Not as long as Glen Larson owns the movie copyrights which are his lock and stock. That garbage isn't Galactica, not really.
  5. Thanks for not jumping down my throat on this lawrenson. i'd love to debate it with you, but as you can see people would rather lose the focus and start fights and other things they can't even finish. Personally i think mostly everyone here has bought a pirated DVD. They all do, and if they deny it. Then too bad, i'm not interested in twofaced individuals who say otherwise and know they do period but act like they are higher than god and are the perfect person who deson't break any laws. Crap, quit lying already. You know you do, thats why no ones wants to come forward and say th
  6. You been here for hours and only now thats the best reply you came up with? You need to step in and fight another man's battles for him (poorly i might add ) and do what exactly fall flat on your butt looking just as ignorant. Fine, let take your weak reply apart shall we. Nope never said that(*). You on the other hand fail to read my posts. Guess your one of the hypocrites then jackass! Oh shut the hell up! My metaphor was close to the matter at hand. This........is wayyyyy off topic. So if you feel the need, go there if you must. But your really reaching
  7. I've lost all respect for anybody or anyone going to. Or putting up links to that place to dwell on for news?! Considering the kind of langauge they like to use on Harry's sad site for the braindead "hate everything, everyone and their mothers" website, full of uber: hypocrites. Shame on you. What if some kid from here goes over there and reads all that crap? Have you actually read that page fella, don't think showmasters would approve of that place if they read it! Remove the link man.
  8. Funny? i thought that statue of Yoda one was outside Forbidden Planet not Cinema Store! but you can make out the reflection in the photo, so it could be either one really. Nice picture anyways.
  9. Please, try to actually sound like you have a grudge with me rather than go off on one to provoke me on diliberately, doofus! To you maybe, where the hell is your arguement? didn't make one cos its isn't within your grasp to do so is it..aw! Try again junior. Oh right, thats why i have more repsonces than yours, ah i see.. you really are confused. i should leave you alone then being you haven't even read all the posts on this thread have you? Oh and learn to quit moaning about gibberish when you seem so good at it and do it generally in most post you do yourself.
  10. Thats good news then. No nuts will show up with bad intentions. Even so, doesn't stop the regular suits from eyeballing everyone thinking they might not have had their pills today and flipout at a guest!
  11. Don't make jokes like that. Those guys in suits make mistakes. Most of the time they react to something its generally over some minor trivia thing, they themsleves blow out of proportion. Unlike like it is in the United States, suited guards don't arm themselves. Real troublemakers with a grudge would be carrying firearms or something don't ya think. Doubtful it going to happen in the U.K. generally security deal with minor things. Nothing too serious has ever happened at SM to threaten any stars, has it? Thank god.
  12. No i haven't missed the main point, you have, and its painfully obvious you have by a mile! Any errors in my spelling is a hell of a lot less than the other guy. Personally the way he jumped on my back he got what he deserved. smarmyness exists wayyyyyy..... too much around here, so just back off telling whether or not. I'm taking things too seriously around here or not. No i won't, cos your bitching about stopping it and going on and on about respect. Well did you report the bottleggers Saturday and Sunday at LFCC 3. Cos your complaining about respect falls short when frankly no
  13. Nope one of the crew at LFCC 3! Thinks i wasn't aware of him but i was. Body language is something that tells you alot that and other subtle hints.
  14. No, it wasn't directed at your duffle bag gag TommyT, that was actually funny o.k. i do have a sense of humor about it!! But seriously, if you're in that industry you already know for a fact. Somebody somewhere going to copy and bootleg your stuff? Nuff said. It's like the government suddenly coming out saying you can't use the record button on your VCR to record a programmes off TV cos your copying something like TV programs and might keep them in the long run. (something technically is actually surprisingly true?) Try all they might. that won't and can't ever happen.
  15. I take it you saw "Guys and Dolls" then!
  16. Did you report it to the police? Sorry, now i can't resist TommyT. The fact being, some people here wish to jump on the backs of others who don't report the bootleggers selling pirated DVD's. Far as my quote goes? selling computer programs worth a couple of hundreds of pounds, at the street corner for a mere £5 bucks? Quite logical. Some of the software designers Mikedonovan was going on about. Make and write the software programs for the companies they work for right? now some of them themselves, then sell the expensive programs they or thers write of developed for a m
  17. *sigh* idiots come in all forms don't they? Whats that in aid of, do you even know me at all eh? I actually said i agree with MikeDonovan, so YOU sucking up with your chidlish comment towards me i just a trollish attempt to start trouble Dom. You obviously too comfortable posting trash like that online. mouth off to somebody in real life like that and see where it takes you? What kind of dickhead going to put that down, then this: Yeah like thats smart. There are (proper selling of "there" not 'thier') millions of dumbasses out there. And you happen to be one of them
  18. Well as a fan of the superior original 1978 series, i have bones to pick with Ronald D Moore complaining like a little baby about don't download my new series etc. Cos for one, if he honestly gave a damn he'd bitch about piracy outright! Not just cos his new show was coming out. He bitched cos the if the ratings weren't there for his new show, it would be canned in a heartbeat period o.k. That and he trying to talk smack about how great his crappy series is in comparison to the original. bittorrent is there and people use it to download far superior shows than Ronald D Moore's so-called gritty
  19. Pity i didn't meet her. but if SM hasn't noticed. the £20 rule scares people away alot. Sure people do go to see their stars regardless and they'll make money (the star that is) cos of the extra 5 bucks. But that extra £5 usually stops people in their tracks and you can hear complains from other fans. Also whats up with that short person in the shirt, wearing glasses tending to Charisma queue? Plenty of people where filming the events at LFCC 3 today. Charisma beautiful and very eye catching, so your going to get people watching (innocently mind you) and galking. i see several people
  20. JackTheDVDRipper i don't know you but you make a fair point, gotta love it when a person cuts through to the truth of the matter! Yep, i remember those days. you ain't lying. Far as the region one matter goes. DVD dealers are just bending the rules a little. After all the law says, shops aren't allowed to sel region 1 on the high street. Thus they are sold either down stairs and up stairs in shops across the country? don't believe me, go to your local DVD joint that sells DVD's and see what your shop keeper/owner has in the downstairs section and look at what "other" selections
  21. Won't be too bad, Sala Baker's a great dude. He might even be asked questions of his time on 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' film for a change other than the LOTR's movies as i've heard he did some work on it?
  22. They do tiggerbabe, sorry i meant to say. Milton Keynes mall security is fine, not them. I'm talking about the blue suited guards meant for the bigger guest stars. Check the boards, this guy been described before. Many seem to have had run ins with him. Security seems pretty cool generally, but this head guy (just him) seems to carry grudges. I found him to be very arrogant. You know, the kind that say you did something obviously "YOU DIDN'T" That can't admit their mistake or prove you wrong but give you alot of embarasment in public and don't apologise for their wrong doing and beh
  23. Welcome be insane, O.K. lets see? Well you've gotten directions from everybody else so thats covered, far as the cinem goes, it's adjascent to the shopping centres it's on the right side of the car parks. Go down the long wide road till you see a large gray mount shaped like a giant "door stop". The cinema's on the first floor of that building. Far as your day at CM, get ready for........... 1) Alot of long lined ques 2) Getting into large (and i mean LARGE) crowds on a hot day! 3) Meeting the star you want to see, and trying to cram everything you want to say within a
  24. Indeed, great guy bring him back again!
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