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  1. Since Gentle Giant are just releasing a Kabe bust - its about time I got that Kabe signed photo.
  2. Would have loved to have said Karen Gillan but had to leave at midday on Saturday so ran out of time - My first time meeting Sophie Aldred and she was lovely and chatty so she is my fav of the weekend. Other than that, Sarah Sutton & Louise Jameson were also really nice.
  3. I think its great that we have a mixture of bigger and smaller guests - not everyone wants to spend the day waiting in queues and some of my best experiences have been with the smaller less busy guests. The only one's I've really felt sorry for were Nicole de Boar and Chase Masterson - walked past their windy tent at the last CM and they never had anyone with them for ages so popped in for a signature and a chat and ended up chatting for approx 15 mins with the pair of them about DS9 and what they've been up to since.
  4. Really looking forward to this and the date is perfect for me personally. Also prefer the EC2 venue as the Olympia venue wasn't great imo. Found it hard to find the enterance and it seemed cramped inside. Here's hoping its even half as good as this years LFCC.
  5. I had ticket approx 650 but had to leave round midday so gutted that I couldn't get a signature from Karen - managed to give mine to somene else that hopefully got theirs but hoping that Karen does another signing soon as listening to peoples positive experiences she'd be a fine guest to get back......gutted!
  6. I can understand Karen being hidden from view otherwise they'd be a big problem with crowds just clogging up the area. I've seen it with other big guests in the past, you cannot walk past or through that area as so many people hanging around. Try getting a ticket when there are 200 hundered people just hanging arounf. Its not as if people have a quick look and move on, rather they loiter in the area for ages and surely it then starts becoming a health and safety issue. I'm not blaming anyone as its human nature to want to have a look at a guest (and I'm as gulity as anyone) I'm sure SM hav
  7. Had a great day but was shocked how big the early bird ticket queue was and also I had to leave at midday and the line still went round the side and front of the building - where did all these people come from? Anyway, got a VT for Karen roughly about the 650 mark and she had to go for her photo's, break and talk so was told she wouldn't be back until approx 4pm so gave my ticket to someone else. Anybody know roughly what number she got to with the signing? Also, first time I've met Sophie Aldred - she is so friendly!
  8. I wasn't aiming my previous post at anyone who had more than 1 or 2 items signed as its your money - personally I got one signature on my poster and I was 100% happy. Its more people who are moaning about personal signatures and why there sometimes isn't enough time to personalise items especially when some people are bringing 5 or 6 items to desk. (I'm talking the unusual marquee guest) With the big guests then I think there should be some sort of rule if there just isn't time to get through everyone that they limit the items or don't personalise items so everyone can get at least som
  9. I'm afraid that is the going rate for a guest that at the moment, is the Doctors current companion and I'm surprised SM have actually managed to get her so I feel quite lucky she is going to do it. If you don't want to pay that much then either get just one signature (instead of 3 or 4) or don't bother at all. I'm pretty sure there will be many collectors with 5 or 6 or 7 items to sign so they can keep one or two and sell the rest on E-bay which won't help the situation. Its going to manic on the Saturday.
  10. Also what happens if I've paid an extra £5 for my name on it and I see someone who hasn't paid the extra ask the star for a name and they do it - it leaves the whole system open to abuse. I'd stick to the rules but there are many who do not and put pressure on the guest for a name or a picture. I think it should be clear from the start (on the website and leaflets) that the price is "whatever" and it will be no names and just a signature so fans going can decide whether they want to get there early or not. Personally, my DW poster has loads of personal messges from the guests and Alex
  11. Daniel is a top guy. Urge anyone who hasn't met him yet to do so whenever you can. First guest ever in my years of going to CM's that actually came up to me for a chat (mainly about the crappy football and how cold I was) Star of the day imo.
  12. I was gutted I couldn't back today (Monday) to see her. I was there on Sunday and planned to come back today to get her and Nicole to sign my DS9 poster but couldn't make it. Herself and Nicole didn't seem that busy on Sunday and seemed to chatting between themselves most of the time when I saw them - were they busy? I always feel bad when a guest is there but there are no fans at their desks. Hopefully, Chase (and Nicole) will be invited back again in the future.
  13. Agree with quite a few others - its all about the experience. Been doing the CM's from near enough the start and I only have a couple of pieces that haven't got my name on - Patrick Stewart and Alex Kingston (PS on a Tempest poster and AK on my DW poster) Not a bad number considering the amount of signatures I have so I find it odd that people complain about the odd guest who has to rush due to amount of signatures or time constraints. Even though rushed, I found Alex Kingston to be really nice and she found time to ask me about my poster and the signatures on it. I'd rather ha
  14. Had my DW poster signed at approx 4pm - it was quite clear to me on the signs that there was no personalisations or photographs/videos - it was my decision to go ahead and have my poster signed even though she didn't sign my name - no problem there imo. Even though rushed, she chatted to me and asked my about my poster and signatures - I found her to be quite nice. I've had a similar experience with a signing with Patrick Stewart at LFCC where to rush everyone through, you just got a signature - and then, we were made quite clear beforehand what was happening. With Karen Gillan com
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