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  1. Id say if it is being judged by virtual que tickets Val baby would win pmsl.
  2. I met him at last years mem fair at the nec, nice guy, missus got a photo with him
  3. Just watching MTV backstage and kit from the convention just rolled in lol!!!! hehe
  4. If that be the case why bother taking the footage in the first place lol
  5. ^^^^WTF everyone is entitled to there opinion and i for one pretty much agree with the most part. However i went for the Voyager guests, val and grace. Bit of luck showmasters will get the no shows all to c8 with tricia. If you disagree please state why you disagree not just bulls**t man
  6. At the end of the day be it for what ever reason he did not show. I agree its a bit crap that those on sat do not get a free auto but thats the way of it and no amount of complaining will change a thing. So for all those on saturday unlucky, all those today well done!
  7. Just wondering when am i gonna be able to watch the video footage Showmasters shot today? Could not get tickets for the Mulgrew talk and would love to see what took place. Any idea guys?
  8. No i like C8 where it is thankyou lol, Cost me 18 pounds just to park.
  9. Yep missing the point peeps, I was told it was something to do with a securtiy scare why val did not turn up. As way of an apology all those that had got themselfs a virtual que ticket were to leave there name and addy and choice of photo and they would do there best to get em to u. Now that in my opinion is a real nice thing to do. Thankyou Showmasters
  10. Yeah well i met her today (Sunday) Looked exhausted said hello whats you name n thats about it. Still it was great to meet her and i wish her all the best.
  11. dont forget Mrs Mulgrew!!!!
  12. Come on guys get some voyager on board this time. The more the better, heck why not get the whole cast over here!!!!!
  13. Never gonna happen but hell, its got my vote. how can a billion chinese people be wrong
  14. Whos going to be attending this event (Actor wise)?
  15. KATEE SACKHOFF aka Starbuck / Battlestar galactica
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