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  1. please get someone for the l word or alias
  2. id like any of the cast from L or alias
  3. go on showmasters you know you want to...
  4. Is there any chance that a guest from Alias could appear at C8 or a guest from the L word? Laure Holloman who plays tina in 'L' also appeared in angel as justine in series 3 and was recently supposed to do a convention in the uk but due to filming commitments she couldn't make it but has said that ahe has always wanted to meet the uk fans, and apparently the filming for 'L' finishes a week before C8, so would this be possible?????
  5. cool i thought it was signed twice and then thought it could be a note, cheers for clearing ut up.
  6. i hope you don't mind me asking but what does it exactly say on the playboy cover?
  7. and laurel holloman or anyone else from the lword
  8. im so glad that they had a charisma one from the 100th episode!
  9. they are a bit far-fetched but heres my wishlist: alyson hannigan sarah thompson iyari limon alexis densiof amy acker julie benz juliet landau and jennifer garner can' t see it happening but its a thought?
  10. would you be able to upload the pics?
  11. As i only saw charisma can you guys upload your pics of everyone else and their autographs including charisma to benefit everyone that couldn't go? plz
  12. she personalised hardly anyones from what i saw anyway
  13. at first when i got there it was only personalisations and pics allowed but by the time it was my turn it was not allowed and they were very strict on it this didn't really matter as she was really nice .
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