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  1. Coming up to LFCC with my mate and wasn't planning on getting any autos but this is mighty tempting, would love a signed 8x10 of Ripley and Newt :)
  2. If I only include what I spent inside the event it was about £124 but including train/tube/entry tickets it was around £200
  3. For me and my friend the trip was for one thing and one thing only, get Stan Lee's autograph and against all odds we both got it on a fantastic print which will soon be mounted and hung on our walls. The Battlestar Galactica talk was also something we thought about and after queuing for 30 minutes to buy tickets and moving maybe a meter we had come to the conclusion we wouldn't be getting in then a hero wearing blue asked what we were waiting for, we said to buy tickets for the BSG talk starting in 20 minutes and he directed us to another blue shirt down near the front who got us the ticke
  4. This is my first post on here in a very long time, used to attend the Milton Keynes and London events religiously but over the last few years I have barely been to any but my friend mentioned going to LFCC last year when he discovered Stan Lee was going so I said we could go together as I knew my way around these events and he had no idea what to expect. I warned him that we would have to be there early if we wanted a chance at meeting Stan Lee as he would probably only sign 400-500, I guessed that amount on the fact he would only be signing for around 4 hours in between photo shoots and i
  5. Forget the US airdate, I just finished watching the first episode of Season 4
  6. It wasnt just lots of talks, we got to have tea and cake and have a chat
  7. I knew he was going to be very popular which was why I choose to book a hotel not 2 minutes walk from the event and make sure I was there early so at 7am I was outside, ran when the doors opened and got ticket 136. Compared to the Shatner experience he was fantastic, he looked up at me so got some eye contact, signed my 8x10 then my black and white print, I said 'thank you for completing my print' and he replied 'you are very welcome' Dont know what more I could have expected, great day
  8. Well I arrived a little after 7am and glad I didnt leave it much later, must have been 60/70 people already there but by 11am there must have been a good 800/900 people behind me. Got ticket 136 for Patrick Stewart which made my day
  9. If Patrick cancels Sunday then this entire event has been a complete waste of time for me.
  10. Might pop in tomorrow in the afternoon to have a look around and maybe get some of the autographs I need but staying at a hotel nearby so will be outside the hall around 6.30/7.00 on the Sunday to make sure I dont miss out on Patrick.
  11. HD-DVD is the way to go, the complete series in glorious 1080p
  12. Technicaly thats true however there is no Circle or District line this weekend despite no strike action. This is due to planned engineering works. The only way to Earls Court is the Picadilly line so plan your journey with that in mind. Pic line also has no service from Cockfosters to Amos Grove. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/livetravelnews/r...ll-weekend.html Basil. Technically thats true. However the District Line IS running west of Earls Court, and also from Edgeware Road through Notting Hill Gate to Earls Court , so it is possible to get the District Line there as well as t
  13. Thanks to previous SM events held over the last 3 years I only need Patrick to complete my b/w TNG cast print, then I can get it mounted and framed
  14. For me its going to be at least £220 and thats just the hotel, train, entry and two autographs from Patrick and Torri.
  15. I would love to have an 8x10 personalised by Patrick but if he does have a sign saying 'no personlisations' then that is fine too, he will still get my money as I need his signature to finish my TNG cast print and I dont want that personalised anyway. I just hope getting there 7am on Sunday is early enough.
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