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  1. eternal sunshine meet joe black the butterfly effect
  2. hehe heeey everybody again ! x
  3. haha hellooooo i just wanna say hey hello i'm back ... haven't been on here in forever i don't know like any of you cos you're all ... like a little clan so yeh hey again to everyone i do know and maybe some people that are/aren't in the clan *shut up* hehe hiiiiiii
  4. Bruce Hopkins from LOTR at the first LFACC
  5. Any from the following: Fall out boy Panic at the disco Taking back sunday
  6. Hey, for anyone that has paint shop pro and knows how to use it etc ... please help! i'm trying to make a blend ... (you know, cutting out pictures and putting them all together) .... but i haven't done it in soooo long and i've forgotten a few things .... * what type of background does the main background need to be? (e.g. rastor/vector) and does it need to be promoted? * when you cut out pictures using the freehand tool (or even the magic wand) ... what do you press to delete everything outside of the area? that's all i can thing of right now .... please help !! thanks
  7. i'm rolling in coursework right now ... and its all in for this week .... *10 essays *a 20 page report *another 20 page report *learning all my lines for a play *learning my script for a role-play *extra background reading *exam notes daaaammmmm
  8. DVD you bought for yourself: finding neverland DVD you bought for someone else: war of the worlds ... for dad CD you bought for yourself: errr not a clue ... wonderland ?? CD you bought for someone else: errrr again ... Film you saw at the cinema: Hp possibly Film you saw on DVD: 40 year old virgin Film you saw on TV: armageddon Food you ate at home: apple Food you ate out: a bite of a sandwich ... cos my friend stole it ... Book you read: bored of the rings City you visited: london Country you visited: france Website you visited (before this one): myspace Thing you spent money
  9. Yeah they did. It's on the sky movies channels sometimes. It is no way near as good as the first one. 907400[/snapback] They just went a bit too far ...
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