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  1. i really enjoyed c9 and i didnt think it was going to be good but every guest was great i hope there will be more guests planned for the london show as last years show rocked it would be nice to have a few more horror guests anfd i wouldnt mind more lost guests but im happy with 2.....so come on and get behind the showmasters crew and support them and maybe there will be more guests.
  2. he was a really cool guest ..he was great to meet he rocked that show.
  3. It would be nice to have a few more guests last off dont you think....will this happen or is this our lot.....see you all there over and out.
  4. i dont speak welsh .............where are your friends from?
  5. I wasnt going to go because of lack off great guests im comming from wales so i thought stop being negative there are some really cool guests there and its great day out.so i have changed my mind and im going to have a great time is there anyone else whos changed thier minds last min.....i love what showmasters do so i think we should all show support its not their fault that guests have pulled out so im going to get the lost boys and serenity autos and a few more .
  6. I love going to collectormania but for me this time i think the guests are very poor and theres only a few i would want to get autos off so i think ill keep my cash for the london show.Its not worth my time comming from wales to this one im very sad as i was looking forward to it but with guests pulling out and not enough horror and star wars guests im going to give this one a miss anyone else feel the same.........this is not having a go at showmasters its just how i feel....the london show should rock.
  7. my mate went to mania 20 and he met loads of superstars he had the full package breakfast with the superstars and all that jazz..........id love to go one day. i seen wcw nitro in las vegas and that was cool.
  8. I met Chris Jericho and he was really cool i was the only one there at the time it was in a venue where fozzy were playing a mate of mine was putting the show on he said i could go down in the day to meet chris we had a chat and he signed to promos and my wrestle mania program....there was a guy setting up the merch stall and i asked him to take a photo.It was mad being a huge jericho fan meeting him like that he was a top bloke and was really down to earth...the week before i also met gangrel from the wwf days he was great as well..its been great meeting wrestlers the last couple of weeks nex
  9. POEPLE ARE SO CHILDISH ON HERE....GET A LIFE........i was only saying that wwe superstars make great guests whats wrong with that? Please refrain from name calling on this forum - thank you!
  10. Sportsstars are great guests the other convention as it sussed they mix it up alot and always bring some wrestlers to thier events but on the whole SHOWMASTERS get better guests i think.
  12. How about some classic wwe/wwf wrestlers at any event we are crying out for some great names im sure you could get some classic wwf stars .please .........
  13. Im going to see fozzy and its going to be easy to meet chris as the venue is small....do you think he will sign a wwe photo....i hope so.
  14. ive been waiting for this ,,,,,,,,,julie is a great guest this could be an angel/buffy con great news good work showmasters.
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