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  1. What guests do you want to see next year?

    I love your list a lot
  2. Lfcc 2018

    I couldn't find where I read it but it's here. I can say to my friend to book the hotel. Thank you for the information
  3. What guests do you want to see next year?

    It was said not the say the name of the event so where is the problem in saying I did in my country? In my profile I put the name of one event and I saw we couldn't but someone removed it but let the name of the country. So explain because I m getting fed up. They other day someone laughted at me because I explained what happened with Benedict and now it is forbidden to name my country. So I think I won't go next year because it seems I m not welcome. I've always heard that my country was not loved and I don't like living in there too but I have to do with. And just to annoy you because it's forbidden. I live in Belgium. I won't come in that forum anymore. Fed up of people
  4. What guests do you want to see next year?

    To answer the question : David Tenant, Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, John Barrowman.... It doesn't matter but all doctor who actors I haven't met yet. And Nicola Bryant because I wasn't able to do photoshoot with her because of a paid doctor panel.
  5. What guests do you want to see next year?

    So much regrets.
  6. First time as Crew

    No it's easy. I had applied to volunteer. They said me yes. I read the crew handbook but at the end I turned it down because of a few reasons. I don't like working with money for example. I'm too new into conventions. And my English.... I get by and I m now able to travel alone and talk to people I want in English. But I thought that my English is not good enough. I don't always understand everything when someone is talking (anyway I ve that problem in French too when there is too much noise around me. It's impossible to concentrate. And I have health problems. It's was difficult as an attendee but when I observed I thought it's with the best decision to decline. They all did a great job anyway. Thank you to them all for this and they attitude. Always friendly and sometimes funny. So no, you can easily apply. I'm from Belgium and they agreed to take me into their crew.
  7. Crew Appreciation Thread

    They all did a great job. Thank you to all of them. I've talked and laughed with some of them. Good atmosphere.
  8. Who did everyone meet?

    Sylvester Mccoy with and without the Tardis David Bradley Pamela Anderson Christien Anhold Bernard Cribbins Mark Williams Lalla Ward Louise Jameson Matthew Waterhouse Matt Lucas Christopher Lloyd Richard Dean Anderson Richard Franklin Benedict Cumberbatch And all cosplayers which in a way were actors for the week end
  9. Yes I'll be more careful. I'm someone who likes hugs (but never received some) so when I saw that some of them were keen on it I wanted to do the same but sure I will be more careful
  10. I don't have to feel sorry for me you know ;-) I should have watched because for example I did with Lalla Ward and saw that she didn't hug anyone so I took a pose like her and the picture was great. I know he didn't mean to hurt me. And I understand him. It can be frightening sometimes to meet unknown people. A lot a people complain about Jenna Coleman because they say she is cold but I felt she was shy and at the photoshoot she allowed me to take her in my arms but she didn't do it with me. I felt she didn't feel at her ease but we can see kindness into her eyes in my picture. She is not cold at all. (Sorry I'm not into the subject in here). I'll be more careful next time :-)
  11. My experience with him was the worst. I won't say that he is not kind because I don't know him and I know he had a lot to do but yesterday I cried when I was back in my hotel. In fact I wanted to hug him and he pushed me (not strongly, nobody has noticed anything) and had his fingers on my neck and shoulder as to keep me not too close to him. On the picture he smiles and we can't see his fingers on my neck and shoulder and he thanks me. So the picture is perfect. I cried when I was back in my hotel because of my (stupid) sensitivity. I wondered what did I do. (Always been rejected in life so I had that feeling with him). All the others stars were great with me so I didn't think that he could behave differently from others guests. But I asked someone I know who is used to comic con ( it's only my second Comic con where I do photoshoots) she answered me it's wasn't my fault but that Benedict doesn't like hugs. I must admit that I thought he was like his friend Matt Smith which whom I didn't have time to finish my sentence that he already had his arms around me. With all the others guests I watched how they were with people but I haven't done it with him because I was talking with people and laughing with the girl into the staff who placed us about my bowtie. (Bowties are cool). It's my only regret but I ll be more careful about any future guest I ll meet because I didn't want to do something wrong. Anyway I've spent a great time in LFCC, talked to a lot of people, laughed with them and with some of the crew too. I'll probably be back next year.
  12. Latest WHO you've watched

    The green death with Jo departure/mariage proposal

    My God, I've just seen your post and then rushed into my profile to edit the name of a convention but it has changed by itself . Here is a little about myself : " Hello, I'm Nancy from Belgium. I'm 35 years old. I've become a huge Whovian for almost a year (only). I've started to watch the "New Who" for a year, and the "Classic Who" for a 2-3 months. I've started conventions this year, the first twos in my country, then went to Germany at another show to see Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman. I also went to the Doctor Who Experience in May. My interest in conventions is increasing, my schedule will be very busy at LFCC. I really hope to meet every doctor and companion (still alive ) and some actors or actresses from my youth too and meet fans of all kind of series, movies,.... Comic cons are cool, it's a great atmosphere, I love it. Sorry for my bad english (unfortunately I'm not bilingual)".
  14. Great news, I'm arriving on Thursday