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  1. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    I am also still awaiting delivery of my outstanding LF&CC order. This was placed on 13th July and was a mixture of personal items and pre-ordered show provided images. Total value £250. As of yesterday's post delivery, I have still received nothing. Was emailing Jason @ Showmasters Preorders every other week towards the end of last year. No reply to the majority of emails expect for "Just checking on this for you now" on 9th October and "there will be a parcel from LFCC with your shortly" on 17th October. Exactly what is the delay with returning these items? Either they were signed at the end of July or they were not. We are now very rapidly approaching the point at which the 2018 event will be closer than the 2017 one. Logically you would expect the oldest outstanding orders to be dispatched first. Although this is clearly not Showmasters policy, as I received the Exeter order within days and the Newcastle order within a couple of weeks. According to the Home page of the Preorders website, going forward for this year it claims that for "LFCC all items will ship within 2 weeks of the show ending". Exactly how is this going to happen, when (at least) six months was needed this time around!