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  1. They are very good but as John said and as Arnie says DO IT NOW!
  2. I'm thinking Bane at the mo BUT I may be able to have a crack at Iron Man if I can get a suit engineered....
  3. Just sent a request join, I'm down for the full three days and staying on site at the Mariott behind excel this my first Trek Con after my first ever con at LFCC this year. Going it alone though as money my mates fancied it Everyone doing the parties ?
  4. So Showmasters if you wanna make things even more interesting get these guys down to DSTL or better yet get a bridge sim set up!
  5. Some you may be aware of a game known as Artemis. Artemis is possibly the only game out there allows you to work together with others as an actual starship bridge crew. Players take up common positions such as Helm, Tactical, Engineering, Science and Comms and somebody is in command. It's a pretty good idea htat I'm surprised Bethesda haven't jumped on for the ultimate Trek experience. Note that Artemis's contents use no star trek IP. http://www.artemis.eochu.com/
  6. Just been to see Dredd and thoroughly enjoyed it, it's not too long not too short and has a good mix of action and story to keep you engrossed. The slo mo effects are really awesome and make good use of modern 3d. Bottom line is that Karl Urban IS THE LAW!
  7. £150 would be pretty reasonable but I'd probably hock up £200 for this if it was on....
  8. Hey if any of you saw me and my friend at LFCC cosplaysky make decent costumes to measure from all eras so if your not a standard size they might be better for you. As a note with October being Halloween month order yours four weeks in advance, I got mine in a week but October is a very busy month for them. http://cosplaysky.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?brands=18&q=Star+trek&x=0&y=0
  9. LOL!! You ever notice when she takes the helm she crashes the bloody ship XD
  10. As I've been on the Galaxy class Bridge I rather fancy trying out the Sovereign class bridge....
  11. Adrian Age 27 Previous Cons: LFCC 2012 Travelling From/With: Leeds/York not sure who with yet Ticket/Intended Purchase: Gold . Favourite Trek: TNG Favourite Trek Actor/Actress: Patrick Stewart Most Wanted Guest: Patrick Stewart/Jonathan Frakes Favourite Other Movies/TV Shows: Stargate, BSG, Seaquest DSV, Red Dwarf, Family Guy, Simpsons many more! Music: Queen, KISS, AC/DC, The Prodigy, One Republc, Coldplay, Hans Zimmerman, Jerry Goldsmith
  12. Jedi - Nothing compares to the force....
  13. You guys gotta get Jennifer Hale if this is on the cards
  14. Seeing two mandalorians skipping along the balcony.... Also meeting the guy from CBS action in the gold room, that was random.
  15. Thanks for the feedback Jason its nice to see! I lost my con virginity to LFCC this year and I think caught the bug as I will definitely back next year due to the amazing weekend I had
  16. It's a shame his talk was last minute as I'm guessing it was pretty interesting but Michael Winslow was pretty amazing on Sunday!
  17. On the back of PA system thing if you got the right person to do it you could have on the hour updates between announcements to remind people of updates on the days schedule but put a comedic spin on it with like sound effects etc.
  18. I popped in around 2100 with my mate but only found a group of German con goers and it was kind of awkward with the language barrier so we went after a pint.... That sounds really bad doesn't it ?
  19. If anyone's interested the ep IV sketch he did is on you tube From 2008...,
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