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  1. Are there any planned talks tonight free or otherwise? Thanks
  2. Plus I wanna get my hands on those Avengers mini mighty Muggs..
  3. I know that traders are not allowed to advertise on here but in an effort to save some time on Friday I was looking for someone to recommend a comic trader. I am looking for the first 4 Hawkeye Comics, does anyone know a trader that would have them?
  4. More importantly what's the nearest decent pub?
  5. Just a quick question for anyone who perhaps went last year to the Friday evening, I do not have a ticket and therefore was wondering what would be a good time to get there so I can get in at around 6-6.30pm.
  6. Thanks for the quote, in order to include it can you give your full name and location. (You can make it up if you don't want to give real last name).
  7. Title should of course read QUOTES NEEDED!! Hi, I have started this thread on the EMS forum but that is not getting much traffic at this early stage. I need quotes for an article as to why fans (you) will be attending the EMS or why you attend shows like it like the LFCC or others. I know guests are not yet confirmed for EMS but some people will attend regardless for other reasons such as cosplay, meeting friends other fans, mercahndise etc. Please give a name and area if you quote. For full details please see thread started on EMS forum, you can leave the quote in either. Mnay thanks, any questions please ask.
  8. It seems i always see something and wish i bought it after the event!! Anyway, this stall was selling The Walking Dead Season 1 Base set of trading cards for £10 and thats what i wanted to buy, may have to wait till the EMS!
  9. Thanks for those, but sadly not he one i was looking for any more?
  10. Hi does anyone have any contact details/ website address for any of the trading card dealers that were at the show? Thanks
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