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  1. Any chance of Breaking Bad cast? I know they've done signing events before, not sure how easy it would be to get them here. Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Anna Gunn R.J Mitte Dean Norris Betsy Brandt Bob Odenkirk Giancarlo Esposito Jonathan Banks Matt L. Jones Raymond Cruz Charles Baker
  2. Ah fair enough, I thought you were associated with them as I see you a fair bit in the forums helping people haha
  3. It's difficult to put into words how good Michael was. Such a friendly guy, i'm sure people who went to his talk can back me up on how funny it was, has to be the greatest guest I've ever met at a convention so far. After the talk, I went to the front of the hall and asked him if he would consider coming back, and he said I should talk to the organisers because he said he'd definitely want to come back. If you're reading this Jason, or if anyone else has his details - please get him back for EMS or something similar!
  4. I've had alot of adds over the past few days from all the Doctor Who people who I haven't added from previous events. For everyone wondering - I was the guy in the 11th Doctor outfit with the big blue box stuck on his head! www.facebook.com/scriptermone if I recognize you i'll accept
  5. About the Karen Gillan talk... if you had a really low numbered seat - you'd expect to be at the front wouldn't you? My only assumption is that you had a really HIGH numbered seat therefore not having as good a view from people at the front. Me and my girlfriend were number 8 & 9 and we were happy that they organized it so that we were in the 4th row (due to the first 3 being gold passes) Hope you understand for future paid talks :)
  6. I got interviewed twice by Showmasters/LFCC crew with a video camera, and they said it'd be up on www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com but i'm not exactly sure where. I was the guy in the 11th Doctor outfit + Tardis hat, if anyone knows the whereabouts of these videos, it'd be much appreciated :)
  7. And tonight Matthew... I am the 11th Doctor + Tardis on head!
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