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  1. You're very welcome Many thanks for looking into it - I was a bit surprised by it! All good now though
  2. Hello out there, Apologies if this has already been asked but I was just curious about the FEE for the Gold Pass for this event. The Gold Pass itself is £195.00 and the FEE is £14.63!?! Is this correct? All other events the FEEs are £1.00!?! So, the price for this event is either £196.00... ...or £209.63, which is it? Darryl.
  3. Excellent guest, met him last time but now can get him to sign my Star Trek poster *Just an FYI - the Robocop image at the begining of this thread is Robert John Burke from Robocop 3
  4. Awesome, same dates as Ride London 2017! Guess I'll be sitting in traffic again.
  5. Well, who knew there were so many ways to store autos/photos. At the event I use a display book to store any autos/photos I get putting an A4 sheet of paper on top to stop the auto going walkabout. As for storing at home, I just use lever arch folders and A4 pockets from WH Smiths! 15 years in and all autos/photos doing well.
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked and answered but, what time(s) is Natalia Tena on Sunday? I've had a look at the schedule and can see her on Saturday but not Sunday!?!
  7. I have to say I agree with a lot of what has been said already... Photo-shoots and Autographs on one floor each would be awesome (ground floor to 3rd floor was quite a trek!) This was my first time going Gold... ...loved it, will be going Gold again. I have read other posts of people having a moan (what else is the internet for) about Gold and Diamond. The only reason I went Gold this time was because I could see running around getting VQ's and keeping an eye on them was going to be a nightmare! The only Diamond guest I didn't get was MJF, just didn't have the money this time, managed to get the others though. I do think having the program in the bag would be more useful than the other stuff. Also, the chill out room not being available the whole weekend Luckily I found the other staircase on Saturday, where people were keeping cool, so managed to move around quite easily well, until I had to get across Level 1 of course! I really enjoyed the weekend... ...busy, hot, but I got everyone I wanted (and couple of extras!). I'll start saving now for next year so that I can go Gold again and get any Diamond passes that I may want (quick query for any Diamond pass holders here: Were Diamond guests personalising for Diamond pass holders?). I may also set up a stall selling those mini-hand fans! Anyway, bring on next year :)
  8. I'm hoping I can upgrade my weekend pass to a gold pass before the shop closes!?!
  9. If you email the shop they should be able to sort it for you Will do, many thanks.
  10. Just a query for QS regarding Gold Passes - I already have a weekend pass and was thinking of getting a Gold Pass... ...can I upgrade to a Gold Pass (pay the difference) or do I have to buy for a Gold Pass itself? Many thanks in advance, Darryl.
  11. Totally agree, if this had been a physical ticket I could've used it on Sunday instead! Now I've got to buy it again for Sunday.
  12. This is one of those threads I see from time to time... ...that I really don't understand!?! I go to SM signing events for the guests, if they're are no guests I want to meet, guess what... ...I don't go! I know, radical! I don't come on here and say why isn't Rhona Mitra at this event (although if SM do ever manage to get her, I'm there!) If you go to meet up with friends then the guests are a bonus. This is reminding me of people saying that the recent LFCC was really quiet what's going on, when back in Summer they were complaining that there were too many people!?! If a guest is announced I want to meet I'll go or, if not, I wont. I think I'll just have to accept that I really don't understand people and that the anonymity of the internet emboldens people. darryl.
  13. Stupidly forgot to purchase my tickets before the shop closed, first time in a long time! Question is, I plan on going both days but will I be able to purchase an early bird for Sunday on Saturday? Can't beleive I forgot!!!
  14. Love Karen Allen - one of the best guests I've ever met! Also, one of the best smiles... ...ever! Met her a while ago when in the shopping center but will always meet if I get the chance (all 3 days this time!) darryl.
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