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  1. The imdb for the robert englund , harmony hex and david early film of his i mentioned above http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2388823/
  2. His Label's (Trash House Cinema) IMDB http://www.imdb.com/company/co0365813/ and his own imdb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4992186/ I met him last year he's a really nice guy and a must for horror fans as he's free of charge. . I think including the films on his label he's worked on over 20 movies or so and he's only a young guy , if your a fan of cockneys vs zombies i beleve he also worked on Strippers vs werewolves with robert englund which is a lot like cockneys and another film he directed which im waiting on coming out Zombie Mutation which stars robert englund again (Think they must be
  3. Also just seen on the trash films FB he is bringing along some of the films on his label and maybe other horror film stars from the films he has been involved in. Some of the people involved in his past films include Robert Englund , David Early From Dawn Of The Dead , Marie Heaton , Harmony Hex. Here's hoping he brings some of those along too
  4. I dont not if ths interests any british horror film fans on here but i have just seen on there FB that Horror film Director Adam A Park will be at the LFCC with his new Film label Trash House Cinema Signing Autographs for free!!! Adam is the Uk answer to Roger Corman his film credits include The Survivor , Cockneys Vs Zombies , Carnival Of Horrors , Strippers vs Werewolves etc And he is also directing the new Robert England Film Zombie Mutation. I know he also works with Scream magazine , Icons of scream etc, Well worth meeting for horror fans i think
  5. I would love it if showmaster could get some current young british horror stars at this event as im a huge horror fan. I think people of course love all the classics such as amicus , hammer etc but there is some really great genre filmmakers and actors coming up at the mo who i would love to meet , such as Jon Glendening (12hrs , strippers vs werewolfs) , Adam A Park (Zombie Mutation , Toro Loco , Scream , carnival of horrors) , Any of Adam A Parks Trash House Cinema Team , Ellenore jones and sam alexandra ... the list could go on
  6. I would love for showmasters to get some current UK horror filmmakers & actors as im a huge fan of british horror , so please get these Jon glendening , Adam A. Park , Eloner Jones. etc..
  7. Yes!! Walking Dead cast 8) please get more , or any other horror guests for that matter,
  8. Its great for Jake to be doing a photo shoot at his age , he's a top class guy and a true legend.
  9. yeah the cast would be great i would love to meet them also.
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