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  1. I thought he was perfect: you need to be quite bossy and loud given the number of people there and he tried to lighten it a bit at times. It was clear and organised. Have to say getting the photo right away is brilliant. Makes such a difference.
  2. Unless a guest is listed above the guest will be around all day. They might not arrive exactly at opening, but from past experience should be around at 10 AM at the very latest. Hi Queen_Sindel, thanks for reply post.
  3. Hi, on a time constraint sunday so wanted to know when the Liverpooll 60s stars will start signing tommorrow. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated!!
  4. These events are always brilliant but they are very tiring so taking a breather watching some film footage would be welcomed.
  5. Alan Rickman would be brilliant!! In the spirit of always aiming high...... Re the Buffy guest suggestions, few mention Nathan Fillion..who I would like to meet primarily for his work in CASTLE which IMHO is one of the best TV shows on at the moment. Stana Catic from the show would be cool too and she appeared in Heroes and Bond. No doubt both vere expensive so cheaper CASTLE stars would be good! Re Dr Who Christopher Eccleston tops my list whilst Sean Bean would be an amazing guest too!! ps My son also wants Jar Jar Binks (Ahmed Best) back!!
  6. Still, was really pleased with the guests I met today, thanks Showmasters
  7. saw the queue for the lift so walked down and ended up in a no-man's land!!
  8. Out of interest what time was that? Met him pre his photoshoot and he was dedicating autos then. Very friendly guy, great to meet him today.
  9. Really annoying she has pulled out but there are lots of other great guests. I wouldnt have paid for the Dr Who talk if I had known she wasnt going to do it...still we have Rory, Amy and River represented at the talk albeit in different time zones!!
  10. edited by QS: removed for reasons stated below.
  11. Does going open queue just mean no VT limits or does it mean there is more time for personalisations...really wanted an Arthur dedication so was wondering if better at the end of the day.
  12. They are still there. It appears the items have been re-sorted, and the Saturday tickets are showing up in a different location to the others due to slightly different wording. They can be found here. Thanks 1 of 2, panic over re Arthur!!
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