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  1. Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead-Wright. Mah favourite Stark babies~~
  2. Both our posters are missing a few Starks. Let's hope Showmasters gives us the opportunity to rectify that soon~~
  3. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I love all the lines on the show so I figured instead of trying to get a poster signed by everyone on the show ever, I'd just get it signed by a few select people who had awesome lines. But I've never met anybody with a particularly long quote so I don't feel too bad asking. Plus (with the exception of Rose and Finn cause I'd already chosen those quotes) it gives me time to ask them what their favourite quote is and then I have something to say to them other than 'dwcuydevsfibwfibweilgfbwe i love you'~~ And yes, I am with you on the more GoT guests. I have a pile of like fifty things for Sophie Turner to sign~~~~~
  4. I have a Game of Thrones quote poster, signed with all my favourite lines from the show. I was crewing so I only had time to meet Rose, John and Iain. I got Rose to sign it with 'you know nothing Jon Snow' which is a super boring request, but it looks amazing on my poster. I asked John what his favourite line from the show was and he said he couldn't even remember them on the day so I ended up getting him to sign it 'she's a person, not a goat'. But my favourite was Iain. I asked him for his favourite show quote and he came up with 'no one can survive in this world without help' and then I got him to sign it 'love Ser Jorah the Explorer' which is just the best thing ever~
  5. Does tumblr as a blog post or an actual website cause it's quite different to lj? And are websites able to make their own buttons that fit in more with their theme, or do they have to use the official ones?
  6. Moffat, the current team TARDIS (Matt, Arthur and Karen), The Sheppards, James Corden. Also Jenna but she's said she won't do cons before her episodes air, I think. Tony Curran, cause it would be awesome to get him to sign my exploding TARDIS poster. Um, this will make me sound like a bad fan, but just anyone from the Moffat era really.
  7. What counts as current in your world showmasters? A year ago? Or literally famous right now kind of thing?
  8. holy crap. i am so happy it's there on friday too cause i'm crewing on the weekend and i wouldn't want to stress about missing it. but omg. fnifghnweofgni.
  9. So never been to any convention ever, not just showmasters?
  10. Oh my god, this is amazing. That Saturday GoT talk is going to be flawless.
  11. Yes. Sophie Turner. Please Sophie Turner. She is literally the top of my most wanted guests lists because she plays Sansa Stark. Any GoT guests are good guests, I will love them all. But mostly Sophie Turner cause I need to tell her how flawless she is as Sansa~~~~~~~
  13. Oh my god. I so very excited about this, and now super depressed that I'm crewing the full saturday and sunday now, those talks will be amazing. I am stupidly excited to get her to sign my quotes poster with 'you know nothing jon snow' though. This will be such a good con.
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