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  1. I'm annoyed at all these great announcements as there's so many guests I want to meet
  2. Just wondering if Dayo, Leven + Jaquline are gonna be on the pre order service. I have DofE training this weekend so unfotunately cannot attend The problem is all 3 with personalisations will be quite pricey which I'd be happy in person but when not meeting I don't know if I can afford them. Thanks
  3. I got the poster, sticker and bag but the USB Stick + Watch have to be ordered online
  4. Oh you work at a smiths? My dad works at the headquarters and they gave away free Harry potter Lego!
  5. I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead but I have seen other conventions where Madison Lintz from The Walking Dead Her mum + Sister are both in The Hunger Games!
  6. Any Hunger Games Guests? Paula Malcomson who plays mrs Everdeen lives in Irland More Harry Potter guests? I will be attending but at the moment there's no guests I wanna meet. !
  7. I've only done 1 premiere before this . Harry Potter! At Trafalgur square , trying to work out how the premieres at 02 work . Do the crowds stand inside?
  8. If they held it in Wiltshire they could include a trip to Lacock to see Lily + James's House, Proffeser Slughorn's house and lot's more. The Abbey do group passes so SM could get a great discount
  9. Actually it's more expensive than going direct!
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