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  1. Just booked my ticket and decided to get a photo session with Dean as well. Really looking forward to meeting my second actor to play Superman courtesy of Showmasters.
  2. I have a Buffy cast photo signed by all of the men on it but none of the ladies so to add to the signatures: Sarah Michelle Gellar Alyson Hannigan Emma Caulfield Michelle Trachtenberg Non-Buffy, but perhaps Teri Hatcher so there is a chance of a Lois & Clark join photo shoot as well? :)
  3. Now I know why she always looked familiar to me: She was Chun-Li! I honestly didn't know that until I read it on the announcement post.
  4. I thought all of the photoshoots I went to this weekend were very well organised but I feel I have to say thank you to the gentleman managing the queue for photos with Billie. He did a great job making sure the queue went in increment by ticket number and ensuring nobody jumped the queue. He even made a few jokes too. Hope someone buys him a pint this evening as I'm not there to do it myself! On the subject of Billie, what a lovely woman. Really nice to talk to even it was brief. In fact all of the guests were awesome and made the first trip to MK for four years well worth it!
  5. Another fantastic wrestling guest. If you could get Trish Stratus as well that would be all my favourite divas that I haven't met yet all at one show :)
  6. Lita and Lou Ferrigno are the reasons my brother and I are making our first trip to MK for a few years. It's going to break the bank, but it'll be worth it :)
  7. Met him in MK last year, awesome guest announcement. Really hoping that Keeley Hawes is announced as that would guarantee me a trip to London in November as I couldn't meet her when she signed last year.
  8. Totally agree with this one, missed Keeley last year so would be great to get my S1 Ashes DVD signed by her to go alongside Philip Glenister's sig.
  9. I couldn't afford to go either, if only she'd been at MK with Glenister. Here's hoping she can make MK next year, as I don't tend to miss those ones as I can actually gather some money together.
  10. I'm trying to book 2 early entry programmes for Saturday, but keep being told: Unfortunately, the products you selected are not available in the amount you requested. The amount has been changed. Which sets me back to 1, is there genuinely 1 of these left as I need one for both me and my brother or is it the fact you can only order one per account?
  11. And Showmasters has now officially set me on the path to going bankrupt! Great guest, wasn't going to go to LFCC this year but that's all changed now thanks to Keeley's announcement.
  12. Met him last time he was at Collectormania and he was awesome, one of my favourite guests. My brother missed him though, as he'd gone on holiday at the time and I know he'd love the chance to meet him.
  13. Me thinks this thread is in need of a bump
  14. The Rock, Roddy Piper, Sunny or Trish Stratus would be fantastic. Perhaps some TNA stars is a possibility.. Mainly the Icon that is Sting?
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